Are You A People Pleaser?

If you’re a “people pleaser”, then people are always taking advantage of you. You’re also probably not getting what you want out of life. Stop thinking about what would make others happy and focus on what you need. It is time to shift the focus from others to you.

After all, it can be difficult to improve your own life when you’re too busy accommodating others

Knows—maybe there are others in that group that would prefer to see your choice, and were people-pleasing too! There’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, and it doesn’t have to mean you’re making a demand. Simply reminding people that you’re an individual with your own preferences is a big step forward.

Compromise. While it’s not good to be a pushover, it’s no better to be a manipulative bully or a reckless rebel. Don’t become totally selfish. In fact, many people pleasers have low self-esteem. So do those who are selfish. It is best to develop good self-care skills which include healthy assertiveness skills. You can listen to others, but ultimately, what you do is your choice. Keep a balance!

Examine your fears. Are they realistic? Are they truly terrible? You might be afraid that no one will like you, that someone will leave you, or that you will be left all alone if you don’t say the right thing. That is a prison you have trapped yourself in, and it’s time to unlock the doors and walk out! The people around you may be used to your compliance, but if they’re not willing to accept that you have your own needs, are they really worth having in your life? Please feel free to come and chat with me at Life Reader.

You can change anything when you put your mind to it there is a high price to pay when you are a people pleaser. You lose your identity and then you do not know who you are anymore. Stand up for yourself and gain your own power back now.



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  1. maybelyn baca

    I want to know is that why my DAUGHTERS! told me that iam not their mother, is because they were raised by their grandmothers?


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