Are Soul Mates Forever ?

The Lovers represent perfection, harmony and mutual attractiveness. Their trust in one another gives them strength and confidence to overcome the obstacles in life. The bond that the two lovers have created is incredibly strong and is often reflective of a marriage, soul mate connection or very intimate and close relationship.

The Lovers can also indicate a very strong sexual connection that goes beyond instant gratification and lust to suggest a very deep desire and passion that exists between two beings. The physical attraction is strong and so too is the desire to be intimate with one another. Soul mates do not have to say anything to each other they know by looking at them they are very well connected and most of all to get to this level every soul mate must go on the fool’s journey sadly to say. This is a very interesting card from the beginning of time Adam and eve in the Garden of Eden in the card you can see a snake and the snake spoke to eve and said if you eat from the tree of life you will not die the snake deceived eve what the snake really said is that you will go on the fools journey and from spirit you will work your way back to spirit and you will find it harder to be with your soul mate because I am the angel of darkness that has deceived you and it will be harder for you to be with your soul mate. Because I am the Angel of darkness and now have created separation.

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This was an Arch Angel they called Satan. A name, traditional in Christianity, for the leader of the devils, an angel who was cast from heaven into hell because he rebelled against God. Lucifer is usually identified with Satan. The name Lucifer, which means “bearer of light” or “morning star,” refers to his former splendor as the greatest of the angels. So here we go this is the Arch angel that created separation not only from God and himself but still trying to separate man /woman from God
The thing is ok this has been happening from the beginning of time how do I get to be with my soul mate? well this is easy but please keep in mind you cannot control this you have to trust 100% universal for the divine intervention there is no accurate time either as God does not run by a clock one day can be a thousand years when you try to control being with your soul mate you will stuff it up I had just wrote a Blog on Hearing you need to learn the skills I can help you with this.
I will write a Blog on why separation happened in length soon.

The Fool
Have you ever wondered why you cannot get over a particular person or relationship?
Have you tried to dismiss feelings and gone into denial?
Have you tried to fix your relationship and it is not working your way?

Soul mates this is so interesting once you gain the understanding why you have a soul mate and why things happen the way they do. Then you will not get frustrated and angry when things are not working in a way that you want it to.

Your soul mate to me is like the fools card coming from spirit working your way back to spirit so you have a lot of life lessons to accomplish in this life like meeting your soul mate and reaching mastery in this life.

Your soul mate until he /she is ready to settle and realize that she /he is contented with you there will be
New beginnings, sudden changes, and learning a few lessons on the way. He reflects the new journey that you have undertaken, or perhaps the one that you want to begin, a journey caused by a longing in your soul that calls for a change.
The Fool’s journey represents the path of connecting to his higher conscious which represents learning spiritual development and uniting with the divine.

It is so important that you have an understanding that your soul mate will not be ready unless he or she is ready there isn’t anything that you can do but with divine intervention everything is possible it is really magical being with your soul mates but even then through our imperfections in any relationship you get the good bad and the ugly we all have this in us we have choices how we want to be but remember your soul mate is not perfect and He /she may need time to get it together with you because it is simple they are on the fools journey and not ready.

The challenges the Fool will go through on his path include unpredictable sudden changes, impelling him to be foolish, irresponsible, childlike, sometimes reckless, and a fearless rebel, on his journey.

So there is a big journey your soul mate goes on most of all you go on this journey as well some people wake up soon some people never wake up until the next life sadly to say this is possible. A lot of people get married to the wrong person because they think in there mind this is my soul mate and even then when you have doubts at the time you still go through with marriage and hope that this works. But the crazy thing about this if you where to have fine tuning and active listening you would ask the divine for the answer is he or she right for me and you could hear the Angels telling you let’s look at this another way if you want a Job done you would organize a tradesperson right if you did not know how to do the Job then this is simple you organise and ask God and the Angels for them to help you.

But the truth is if you are meant to be with your soul mate you will and the only person can stop this is you from coming together if you try to control your destiny.

Blessings Ann

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  1. pammymains

    Hi Ann well for me iv been stuck in a standstill coming on 7 years this all life of me when very different after going to angel classes they brought me out in to my past life so all this time iv been lost i lost my job when through not to know who my family was and not trust them my body would go through all sorts of pains every day even to this day lost the way been around friend never know how to have chat all comes out wrong most time will never sleep or just sleep was like lost memory thought with the pain that was run over with car all this made family put me under some sort of mad person was put on pill for what ever new was wrong lost my way to enjoy life all i do now is read all sorts of spiritual this so what u think could it really be some sort of spiritual awakening most of all feel sorts in my body as it not mine now like im in wrong body.


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