By Millah: These creatures act as a kind of manager for the angels, they work with the guardian angels, and keep an eye on their projects and purposes. Archangels are always seen as great beings—tall, full of life and power, they always carry a tool or symbol that represents their spiritual purpose.

Everyone can call upon them at all times — they can be anywhere at once because they are multidimensional. There are many archangels, some are more well known than others, and in the next piece, I will write about two best known and their properties.

Archangel Michael


The Archangel Michael is tall, beautiful and mighty, his name translates to “Him who is like God”, and is probably the best known of all the archangels.

He represents protection and strength, and makes sure that the archangels and guardian angels perform their duties.

He has a beautiful blue radiant aura, and so he carries a sword of light and fire, also known as the “Sword of Truth”, which he uses to help us cut bonding, to the fear that holds us back, the bonds of the past, as well as the bonds that sustain us in anger, so that we can again live freely from the heart.

The Archangel Mikael connects us with the element of fire, and all Lightworkers embody Mikael’s energy, which he protects from lower energies and negative thoughts. Mikael is the angel who encourages us to trust the messages and sensations we receive.

To cut the ribbons:

It is always a good idea to cut the ribbons if, for example, you are exposed to negativity, people who bemoan you or complain a lot, this negative energy can stick to your aura, completely without you necessarily noticing – It does not make that person a bad person, it’s just the energy that a particular situation has created. You can easily remove and release this negative energy by working with Mikael.

Visualization to cut the ribbons:

  • See yourself in a safe place filled with light and surrounded by angels.
  • Now imagine old situations, others’ perception of you and bonds as strands of energy emanating from your body.
  • When you feel that you have threads out from all over your body, you ask the archangel Michael to come and cut them over. Imagine a tall and beautiful angel who comes with his lightsaber and easily cuts the threads, as if he cut some ribbons with scissors. Watch them be vying and fall away.

When you feel that all the threads are clean cut by Michael, you thank the angels and Michael and open your eyes.

Contact Mikael:

Michael can help us overcome our fears, protect our energy,  move on in life, and cut the bonds that hold us. Mikael’s aura is blue, and you can get in touch with him by seeing yourself surrounded by a bright blue light, a good affirmation to use here is “I am surrounded by and shrouded in the archangel Mikael’s blue light”

Prayers to Michael:

Archangel Michael, Heavenly Lord: I am so grateful for your light and your presence.

I’m taking your energy into my life right now. I give up and release any fears I no longer need.

I surrender all resistance, all worries and sorrows to heaven in the awareness that I am being supported in one and all.

Thank you, Mikael, for cutting the ties that bind me to people, places and situations.

The way forward is clear. I understand that I deserve freedom and accept it from this moment onwards.

Only the good awaits me, and I am protected by your light. I’m safe. And that’s the way it is!”

Michael and other archangels:

  • Mikael works with Ariel to give us the strength necessary to honor confident and confident.
  • Mikael, Azrael and Zadkiel are a powerful combination to transform and remove fear from a room or home.
  • Mikael works with Chamuel to help us determine whether our partner is telling the truth or not.
  • Mikael and Zadkiel can help us overcome fear and phobias.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the Angel who represents healing, he is also known as the divine physician, and his name translates to “God Heals” And this wonderful angel controls a chorus of other angels who are devoted to health and healing at all levels. Rafael is particularly recognizable by his luminous green aura, which he carries on an ethos of an rod of Asclepius – a winged wand with two snakes winding around it, that is, the symbol of medical art.


Rafael is not only preoccupied with helping us to be healed, he also wants to support us in living a healthy life, all around, he wants to teach us how to eat healthy and highly vibrating food and drinks, he is also a huge support to invoke if one wants weight loss. He’s good at helping you change habits, and lifestyle. His chorus of angels is also concerned with our overall well-being and health. They’re just waiting for us to reach out and ask them for their help.

Contact Rafael:

Rafael can help us with healing at all levels, and in ridding us of old habits, patterns, and dependencies, he can help us open our heart chakra, purify your third eye —to increase lucidity and to feel safe when we are traveling.

Prayers for Rafael:

“Archangel Rafael, Divine Healer:

Thank you for your strength and support.

I’ll let your healing light flush through all the cells of the body.

I understand that healing begins in the present, and therefore accepts the healing now. It feels so good when my body gets healthy again. It feels incredible to know that I am alive, have life force and am free.

I remember that only love is real.

I focus on the inner love that gives me peace of mind and happiness.

I’m whole again, I’m healed, I’m love. I’m grateful to be healthy! And that’s the way it is!”

Rafael and other archangels:

  • Rafael and Ariel bring healing to the animal kingdom.
  • Rafael works with Chamuel to help us see love in a situation.
  • Rafael works with Haniel and Raziel to help us cultivate our spiritual gifts and lucidity.
  • Rafael works with Metatron to cleanse our bodies and energy. They are also a good combination to call upon if you work with Reiki.
  • Rafael can also work with Raziel to help us gain greater knowledge about healing.


I wish you light and love on your path, along with these wonderful Archangels.

Love and Light,


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