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About Millah

I was born with Clairvoyant abilities, and have therefore had contact with the universe for as long as I can recall. I always do my best to make you feel comfortable, and that you feel safe. In my readings I am very down to earth, and direct, of course with full respect for you as a person. When I read oracle cards, I tune in on you and your energy field, and then ask what you want to know. I do different spreads, such as a three-card spread with past-present-future, a relationship spread, or just a simple question.  My desire is to truly comfort and guide. I am an instrument to help others on their journey.

I help people escape old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve them so that they can live a life of ultimate personal freedom in all aspects of life. This is done with the help of Clairvoyance, Regressions Release, and Reiki Healing. I believe in making shifts. Even little shifts can lead to big successes! And while some challenges can improve on their own with time, there are other challenges that need a psychic’s help.
Clairvoyance is a great tool for clarity and an overview of your life. This is true both on the family front, your working life, your inner life and yes, in fact, clairvoyance is the best navigator you can have by your side, throughout your life. I get to the heart of the issue because your time is just as precious as mine. I like to be tender and tactful but straightforward and practical too.
When you come to a clairvoyant session with me, I will start by asking you what you want to know, then I tune in to your energy field, to get the answers down that you need. Often visiting a Clairvoyant can provide great reassurance, as you will be able to get answers to your concerns, and questions related to your present, past, and future. It may be you are unsure which direction is best for you to follow in your career, your marriage/relationship is running tight and you don't quite know what to do to solve what you're in? Of course, it can also be something else you are struggling with and would like clarity on. In Regression, you are led into a deep, meditative state, Alpha level, where you are still so conscious that you are with you all the way and can remember it all afterward. The door to repressed memories, both from this life, as well as past lives, can and will be opened, and you will be able, as an objective observer, to see and feel memories of this and past life that have contributed to the life situation you are in now. With Regression, unredeemed trauma from this life, as well as unresolved trauma strains from past lives, will be dissolved, and healing will take place. 
I guide my callers to make the best decisions for themselves. I get confirmation during my readings by clients giving verbally validation and also from physical sensations. True healing and transformation can take place when the caller speaks their truth, is open and vulnerable. During that connection, he will feel and see your future, past, and present situations.
My Experience: 
Clairvoyant Certified Reiki healer - Reiki 3
Certified Regression therapist
Certified Angel card reader

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