I have worked with the angels all of my life and without them I have to Say that my life could not be where it is today. There is not anything that the angels cannot do, with total faith and trust and not relying on time as this is manmade you will receive everything you need but you need to ask and be specific in what you ask for.

What happens today is that people don’t know how to ask and they give up on what they really want because they think it is too hard and it does not happen for them. The main reason why things do not happen is that you try to control it yourself and you create cause and effect then you make a mess of things.

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I believe often what you see is not how it is. You cannot see the air that you breath but you only know that it is there by the trees. Think about it, a television set will not work unless it is plugged into the power supply this is how we are unless you are plugged into the life force the universe how can you be switched on.

You want to be with your loved one then you need to ask and trust and have the faith that this will be taken care of and then if you want your career path to improve you need to ask the angels sure it is always nice to get guidance from a person that works with the Angelic realm who works in the light, They only give you the messages that is going to give you clarity into your situation you can overcome anything in this life.

Think about this for a moment okay you are in a dark room and a flicker of light shines what is the first thing that you will look towards the light of course. I am happy that you are reading this article as I have lived my life with the Angels and not once have they let me down we all have choices to do good or bad free will, all you have to do is try to be open minded and not be tunnel visioned.

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I was born with a knowing and have helped detectives in missing persons but please keep mind I am only a servant the Angels are talking to you through me with love and compassion and kindness with so much love in their hearts for you because you are important to them Angels are pure spirits, sinless servants of God. “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent to minister for them who shall receive the inheritance of salvation?” they love you more then you realise.

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