Angels In Your Life

So many times we feel alone and feel as if no one cares for me. This is further from the truth all we want is to be loved and give love. We can all obtain this but we need to ask for help from the Angels then they will step in and help you with your situation but you need to have faith and trust without this how can the Angels help you when you doubt.

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A lot of people blame God in saying if there was a God why would he let pain and suffering a little boy asked Jesus why do you allow all of this pain and this cruel world continue and then Jesus said to the boy why do you allow this to happen. It is so easy to blame anything that happens in your own life on another human or even God but there comes a time when this will come back to you as you blame another and not look at your own actions then you truly do not see the truth about you and it is always good to ask the Angels to renew your mind and heal your heart and to become forgiving then by doing this you will not be carrying this negativity inside your body and get sick.

Sickness comes from negativity with what you think yes that is right what we think we create and that is something to listen to because forgiveness of self and others keeps you healthy and do not gossip this has created wars over what people say, look back at history so much gossip so many people died over this and when you hear of someone gossiping over someone do not listen simply say I would rather not talk about this person rest assured they will be talking about you behind your back. I am sure you have experienced this and then feel sad and ask why this happens when you are a good person,
You need to ask yourself did you ever gossip and then the answer will come back to you that you have and then you will know how that person felt when you did it to them.

Everything you do and say is like a court of law what you say gets used against you good or bad from people so it is better that you always watch what you say and think before you say anything to anyone. The angels can help you in all of this and guide you to become a better person but you have to have the desire to change.

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There is no change without action if you were to plant a seed in the ground and cultivate the soil and the action of rain and sunshine comes upon this seed then the seed grows into a beautiful plant.The same principles apply to you think of yourself as the seed and the Angels plant you on the planet earth for you to grow and to cultivate good soil in you remember you cannot grow anything in dead soil so you see people only look at you with what you say out of your mouth and through your actions keep in mind your mouth can either be your best friend or your enemy choices that is what we have a free will you need to allow the Angels into your life and then only the angels can give you inner peace so you grow into a beautiful flower.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me how you can tune yourself to hear the Angels.

Blessings hugs


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2 thoughts on “Angels In Your Life

  1. vanessa

    Hello Ann, Please may you help me please my mind and body are in major turmoil and my heart and soul are in so much pain that I can actually feel the pain all the time that my heart and soul are feeling. Please can you help me tune into hearing the angels I need so much to try and heal from this severe pain that my mind body soul and heart are going through I feel its slowly killing me and I feel spiritual healing will help me heal, please help me to try and heal me please before its too late. I have two children and they need me to guide them love them and be here for them as all they have is me, they have already lost me once my whole body shut down except my heart it would not stop beating on my daughters birthday in 2011 but god would not take me. when finally coming back to life I was like a baby I had to learn life again I didn’t know how to walk, speak, eat, move, go to toilet, I didn’t know who I was and I had no idea I even had children I was and have been confused and lost about life I feel the Angels can and will help me understand a lot and I feel spiritual I will heal and may be enjoy this life that god has given back to me for children. Kind Regards Vanessa

  2. susan thorne

    Hi,I would like to learn how to communicate with my angels so I can try to heal my mind and body of this anxiety I feel all the time,I’m to the point that I cnt even stay by myself or live life with my family and friends,please if u can help please contact me,thanks!


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