I have a beautiful picture of an Angel that was copied for me when I lived in Sydney, Australia. It shows a street person sleeping in front of an old brick doorway and an Angel has the street person’s head on her legs with one arm on his back.

The words above the picture says, “A gentle reminder that you are never alone,” and on the bottom part of the photo it says, “Peace Angel.”

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I believe that our higher Self, that all knowing part of us, is our best Angel and our best source for unconditional love for ourselves and once we tap into that, we can be at peace with our life, no matter what hardships, setbacks or success that happens to us.

We read or hear about the major Angels, like Archangel Michael. These Angels are
of great comfort to many people. There are also many new Angels that are paving the way from other dimensions that are here for us. They want you to know that this is a new form of energy, much more powerful and embracing than the previous Angels, because people are now moving into more awareness as we open ourselves to new and old knowledge, we are becoming more aware of this strong, yet delicate and fragile earth and we are becoming more connected on a global scale than we have ever before. We investigate and research many different diversities that were not available to us even only a few years ago.

The new Angels of today are of many transparent colours and are on such a new vibration, that not many know they exist. It is only from healing from your past and/or just accepting it, that only then can these new Angels start to work with you and for you.

The Angels say that it is good to find something that is greater than ourselves, that we have passion and enthusiasm, as that is how we can start moving into the flow with ourselves, other’s and with them. They don’t own you and you don’t own them, we all have free will.

Many people look need-inly for that partner and are devastated when it doesn’t work out, that is a human trait of having conditions on another person.

I know of a man that was so wealthy in Sydney that he hired a landscape designer to redesign his one acre garden, then have contractors in to complete it, only to ask them to do it all again the day after it was completed. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the finished product, it was that he was so wealthy and bored with his life that he just wanted it landscaped again, and apparently this had happened before with other landscaper’s. It’s not right or wrong, but this man wasn’t at all in touch with his higher vibration where he could have found a passion for something greater than himself that was going to help humanity and the earth. The Angels say there is nothing wrong with having and creating wealth for a better life as that is the energy exchange that we have in todays society, and it is there to be enjoyed.

We, as humans tend to want to name everything, we need a name to identify things with, that is what separates us. That is a “Gum tree,” instead of that is called a Gum tree. When we change the way we speak about something, we become less attached and see things and people more as the whole of everything. We say “This is Josh,” Instead, “He is called Josh,” by changing how we say things, our perception changes and we become less attached to others, and become more in a state of unconditional love and acceptance. She is my “sister,” She is called, “my sister,” this is “my partner,” He/she is called “my partner.” The person then sees that they are separate entities without expectation and without attachment.

These new Angels don’t want us to see them greater or lesser than humans, they say they are just in a different dimension and they are not here to manipulate or change situations and this planet is here for us to learn and grow from. They want us to be 100% responsible for everything that we do or say.

I was told this by one of my Shaman teachers, “There are laws that we have in our home, there are laws that the community have, there are laws that councils have, there are laws that states have, there are laws that the country have and there are laws that the world have, The United Nation, but there is no getting away from Universal Law, that is the Lore of cause and effect.” You see, when something has been put out of balance in this life or any previous lives, the Universal lore will want to bring that which is out of balance, back into balance, even if it takes a few thousand years. Where there is a void, something needs to fill it. This is why we are not here to rescue anyone, we are hear to take a deep look at ourselves and heal from our own any experience.

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Angels are not here to interfere with your Free Will, so you may ask, “So what good are they?” Well, they are here to guide you, you know how sometimes you feel you are going against your feelings and you feel devastated over a choice that you made, that’s that guidance that you may not be listening too.

You are your best Angel, your Higher Self, your Spirit, if you question your motives, ‘What am I getting out of this situation?” “How does this make me feel?” “Is this experience that I’m having, feel good and is this good feeling going to stay with me?” Then and only then you will get the right answers for you.

Remember to ask the Angels for guidance and be patient. The answer doesn’t always come to you straight away and can come in the sign of a symbol, an insect or a name on the side of a truck. They are always giving us signs, we just have to be aware to notice them.

Lots of Blessings


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