All Is Not Lost In Love

By Ann: When my man walked out of my life… The following is a true account of how a person can feel when this happens.

It has been a month since the man I love walked out of my life. All happened so suddenly, left me feeling, a mixture of emotions. Confused, lost, not loved, abandoned, all the things I feared most in this world.

Left without a trace, minimal contact, no phone calls, video calls and no photos to show me what he has been up to, all leaving me feel that he has found someone else, and this was the easiest way for him to walk out of my life.


Praying to the Angels everyday asking for their guidance and being told by the Angels that he has not left the country and he will be back. It is hard to believe and comprehend this, when you are going through this it is hard to see the bigger picture of what is going on.

The feeling of suddenly a person you have opened your heart to and thought you would never open your heart again to another has vanished without a trace is beyond words.

Will this love return to my life or is all lost in love?

This is a true story of the love between two people that found love over a year ago, has not always been smooth sailing, but the love between them kept them going, until he suddenly left and disappeared without a trace.

Will this love return to her or is all lost in love?

All I can do is pray to the Angels and believe in what they are saying that all is not lost, He will be back in May 2021.

Seeing people heartbroken is not an easy job, hearing people cry over the phone to you is heart wrenching. You really have to live in another person’s shoes to understand the level of pain they are going through. I feel this is worse than death itself. Because the person she loves is still around, living, but nowhere to be found at this stage.

All recollection of faith and trust in this man has gone out the window. All the lies and deception he said to her, how do you move past that?

Well through careful planning and compassion with the life skills I have, the spiritual aspect and the knowledge of the Angels, and the eyes to see. He will be back in May 2021.

The most important thing in this whole equation is that this person needs help, support, compassion, and truth, if he is not coming back it would be the right thing for me to do is tell her. Because I trust in the Angels, I have been told that he is, I will leave this story for you all to read and that all is not lost in love. I will give you the second part of this story and share the happiness when he returns.

If anyone is going through this as well, my heart goes out to you. I am here for you always.


Love & Light Always,


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