A Starpath Out Of The Dark

By Jessica: There are days when I roll my eyes at my guides and issue them severe warnings. Sometimes my logical, Taurus mind has a hard time accepting the woo-woo things my guides show me and tell me. Yesterday, for instance, a client had lost a precious ring and I was being shown how it was lost, but not given its specific location. My guides also indicated that the client who had lost the ring was not to go looking for it. They said that the ring was an eternal blessing.

jessica3 It had been a blessing for my client and she had integrated that blessing within her being, so now it was time for the ring to move on. My client had brought that ring all the way from the other side of the world, they said, so that its blessing could pass to the next person, whom I saw clearly would find the ring and keep it. The world looks very different through the eyes of the Spirit, but I am very human and I found myself muttering under my breath: “If this ring turns up in her bathroom, I will never listen to any of you again! Why can’t you just tell the poor woman where it is?!”. Even though the messages have come through for many years, it is a healthy part of human nature to doubt. I need to remember that my only job when conveying messages or healing is just to do as I am told – even if it makes me unpopular at times.

Today, as they do from time to time, my guides decided to send me a message to help me understand just that point and to trust.  The message was in the form of someone I hadn’t seen for years. Let’s call her Bella, she is part Italian. Bella first crossed my path at Christmastime about twenty years ago in London, when I was living a very different life in the financial area of the City. She was sitting alone in the corner of a pub that I frequented with my workmates. She looked happy and relaxed but I could feel her sadness and grief washing over me. My guides gave me a message for her and prompted me to give her my number, they also told me to apologize for not being able to fold my napkin into a rose for her. Embarrassing though it was, I did as I was told.

A couple of weeks later, Bella contacted me and thanked me for the message, which had been from her grandmother. She told me that she had been contemplating suicide that evening and that she kept thinking how she was going to see her grandmother again. The message her grandmother gave her let her know in no uncertain terms that Bella needed to stay here and live her life to the full. Even though Bella had called me to say thank you, she was very guarded and quite abrupt, which is not unusual. My guides showed me what was ahead for her and told me I was to tell her what I saw, to help her understand the root cause, and soul purpose, of the difficulties she was living through. Oh good, I remember thinking , now to make this lady really sure that I am crazy! I took a deep breath and told her what I saw, she listened in silence for about two minutes and then she hung up on me. There was no way to contact her so I sent her healing for a month or so and slowly all memories of Bella wove their way into the fabric of my past and were no longer at the forefront of my mind.

Today, Bella called me after twenty years. She had tried to track me down a couple of times before, but, always came to a dead end. She had decided this would be her final try, when an advert for LifeReader came across her screen and she idly looked through the website and saw the photo of me. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!

She let me know that, all those years ago, she had been very angry at herself for being hoodwinked by some crazy (that would be me!) in a pub when she was vulnerable. With that first message, she had wanted to believe it really was her grandmother, but when she called me and heard all I had to say, she “knew” it couldn’t be real. A dark time, followed for her, but she knew she needed to stay here, live her life, and the only things keeping her going were the signs I had seen that her grandmother would send her, things that were special to the two of them. She hesitated to believe, but she described those signs as the tiny lights leading her on her path through that darkness.

Slowly, Bella started to come to a much better place in herself and one by one, the things my guides had shown me came into being. She moved in the month and year to the country they showed me. She found a job in the hospital I had described. She rediscovered her passion for playing the piano and, as they had shown me, she met her future husband that way. Bella married and they had the three children that had been waiting for them, 2 boys and a girl and the house they lived in was located exactly where I had been shown. We laughed and cried together on the phone – what a heartwarming Christmas present – I thanked her from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and making the effort to contact me. My heart has not stopped singing since she and I spoke.

Those affirming things happen from time to time to show us the true value of the gifts we each have been given. Instead of one person sadly leaving the planet, there are now five happy ones making this earth a better place to be through the energy of their happiness and the good things they do for their community. When I read for people, I have usually been shown their options and I am reminded that we all have free will.

One of my own options is to stay safe, not to make a fool of myself with strangers – I could use my free will to exercise that option, but I choose not to. We all have unique gifts that only we can give. Each of us can make a very great difference to others’ lives by remembering that we are the only one who can give that gift, and the time to give it is now, however embarrassed we may feel. Even the smallest things we can all give; a smile, a kind word, following a ‘hunch’ about someone – they each are a light on the starpath out of darkness. One of these days I will stop doubting and have complete faith in my long-suffering guides – Bella’s call went a long way in getting me there.


Love and Light,


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