A Message From Archangel Michael

By Ann: “I am writing this to you because you need to hear.

I am the Angel of Justice I have been with you from the beginning of time.

ann3 Do not feel that any human gets away with their wrong doings, they do not. How many of you are seeking justice for pain and suffering in this life we have a heavenly government that deals with all of the karma and wrongdoings of imperfection? If you do not see anything being done, this is because it will not be given out in the same way you have had pain inflicted upon you. It is up to our discretion what karma gets delegated out so the person can learn from their mistakes and not repeat the same problem or inflict pain on another person.

And for the person to see the eras of their ways.

There is no difference if you have to stick to the laws here on earth and you will be reprimanded by the courts and you either serve time or get disciplined in a way that you learn from your mistake you have done.

And the severity, the same thing applies where I come from. I was In Sodom and Gomorrah, my Father wiped out a whole city; the law of karma can be severe. Think before you want to hurt another with your actions.

During this year, you will accomplish the things that you have wanted and to accept the time there nothing you can do is to alter the time and the wait this is what you need to accept.

Rather than beat yourself up and have disbelief that things are not happening, I have to say that things happen in their own way and you need to be the beacon of light so that the one you love can find their way with the patience, this is true love. Doubt comes in when you have trouble believing that this can really happen for you and that the time goes by and nothing well. I want you to know the predictions that the angels have said will and are happening and this month is full of happiness and change for the better if you think that life has not been good to you then, what is it that you need to change.

It is so much easier to blame another when you do not look within oneself . If you have money problems, then this is what you have projected out and the fear of not having enough, this also will impact on your future while stressing about anything. You yourself should put out there all negative form through all disbelief’s in your own Mind.

It is not a matter of destroying fear,

But of knowing its nature.”

Hugs and Love,


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9 thoughts on “A Message From Archangel Michael

  1. Cecil Edwards

    I want to know if me and my ex-girlfriend shqueeta Brooks are we getting back together or should I move on this woman got my heart she got my soul and I try so hard to let go but I can’t I want to know if she’s coming back

  2. Tameka

    Amen, I am in learning process Ms.Ann because it was killing me to think about how all these people just mess over me and they called on me for help and I was always there and ever last one stab me in my back. I don’t trust people nomore and I am starting to be afraid of helping people anymore. I want to do bad to them just like they did to me.then again I don’t but when you don’t see karma get them you want to take matters into your own hands.Not Good

  3. Melanie Wold

    I am havingnsuchna hard time lately and iv been trying to keep my head above water …will things ease up for me ? And will the ones who have betrayed me stop being selfish and return to me with q new loving outlook and realize that they have made a big mistake?

  4. stephaine

    I was wondering my husband goes court this Friday the 19th do u s3 him getting out? I hope I need his help bad please email me back thanks


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