5 Steps On How To Get That Promotion

By Gertrude: As a psychic I often get professions and career matters as questions. Our work life is very important.

1. Communication is Key. When we move to higher levels in our career. One of the skills we will have mastered is our ability to thrive and have a higher level of communication. The ability to participate in work meetings in a concise and crisp way.

1gertrude2 First impressions are important. That is why it is an advantage to take each day as a fresh new page. Making sure that you professionally present yourself in the best light. This doesn’t mean that you don’t build a genuine rapport with your co-workers. In fact, that is the essential ingredient in all forms of communication.

Being prepared for all work situations is a skill that is needed if you want that promotion. Asking and answering questions thoughtfully, will be cohesive to your people skills. Be prevention focused, but ultimately someone looking for answers and solutions in progressing the business forward. Understand the company that you are working for.

2. Take opportunity to showcase your ability. This doesn’t have to be done in a flashy way. Often it is the quiet achiever who is saving their breath and chest beating to be a productive cog in the business. Having a healthy relationship with your superiors will often single you out for your ability to be flexible and cognizant when dealing with important work matters. Being relatable and someone they can have a frank discussion with.

Take the initiative to create a learning curve. Be open to training, volunteering your own time to increase your skills and knowledge. Timing is also very important when you are seeking a higher role. Know when it is best to discuss plans and work related tasks. Be more aware of your colleagues’ schedules so that you know when it the best time to approach them.

Contribute. Be present in discussion, especially in the protocols of how the business is run and how the company functions. That doesn’t mean that you are micromanaging. You are simply arming yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to make sure that the team is working well. That you have a solid understanding and empathy for what others do in their roles and how they function.

3. Embrace any fears. Recognize them as window of opportunity to keep it real. To not lose touch and allow ego to flourish. Our accomplishments are important. You can celebrate them in a way that is empowering. You affirmations that there is growth.

Also realize when the timing is right to make a break. Look for another role or define where your skills are best placed. This is where you realize that you are not at the crossroads, but at a dead end. That is the time we step aside and have an honest overview of where we are and what we are capable of achieving.

Sticking around isn’t always the best or wisest choice. So if it is time to acknowledge that not all working environments are perfect. Often we have to deal with bullies, competitive or unpleasant co-workers. This is the time to have a level head. It is not wise to act rashly. So sober consideration almost like a business plan will serve you well.

4. Expertise. To gain expertise, it takes practice. A solid work ethic will always be guarded as promotion material. Up Skill. Education via formal or research is important. Along with reasoning ability. You have to clinch golden moments of opportunity when they come along. Not everything comes back or has a second chance.

Use your strengths to your advantage. While at the same time using your emotional intelligence to seek out mentors who can help you in areas that need improving.

Looking at yourself in a realistic way, will help ground you. This is not meant to defeat you. While we don’t always know if we are on the right career path right now. The lessons that you are learning will allow you to make firm decisions when the timing is right.

5. Climb the ladder. Think of yourself as a business asset. You cultivate what you bring to the table. When we think of climbing a ladder. When we look up we are in over our heads. Just get used to that feeling. Rest at each rung. Understand that you focus on the task at hand will pay dividends.

There is an important equation that will work for you moving forward. Make your that your actions align with your ambitions.

The great thing about that ladder is that to climb it you have to reach out. And grasp the next rung. Always remember to secure your footing. Balance is very important.

If you would like a reading with me regarding your career, employment or any skills you may need to develop, I would love to hear from you. I love these readings. Especially when I can see a way to navigate forward.


Chat to you soon!

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