5 Signs To Tell If Your Ex Is Coming Back

By Gertrude: One of the most common questions I am asked as a psychic is, Will I get back with my Ex?

There will always be choices and changes that you need to make.

1gertrude2 1. The first thing you need to do is to get your footing back. Sometimes, we are blindsided. Even when we expect it, it will be confronting and upsetting. So it is important that you step back on your own path and begin to nurture yourself, your thoughts and the process of moving forward.

It is important to understand why you broke up in the first place. While your ex may have defined why they have chosen to break up. They may be excuses and not reasons. This is why I love doing remote viewing as I can tap into the thoughts, deeds and actions around the situation.

If you and your ex are still communicating this is a good sign that you can work through your issues. If your ex has broken off all contact. If they have blocked you or refuse to discuss the matter, this is a red flag. Always take notice of red flags in the same way you take notice of the positive aspects of moving forward from where you are.

2. When you are discussing getting back together, it is vital that you are getting back together for the right reasons. This is time for the both of you to work on the problems that have created what is happening right now. Both of you need to be working on yourselves first. It is our responsibility to get our act together. Take responsibility of what is yours and what is not.

If your ex is always too busy to talk or they are showing you that they are making other people or matters a priority this is really not working towards a resolution and a healthy foundation to communicate.

3. The responsibility is for the both of you to be truly committed to making this work out. It can’t be you doing all the work. It is very much a two way street. If you are giving too much then you block the incoming lane. You have to be very clear also that you are working towards the same goal.

If your ex is being defensive and blaming you, circumstances or other people for their current frame of mind. Understand that they aren’t ready to take on board why this is happening and what they need to change about themselves.

4. Your ex is still in contact with your friends and family and wants to continue with the relationships on your side as well as the ones you have created together. So you are both still catching up with those important people and activities that are part of your lifestyle.

You will both define this as a break and not so much a break-up. So being on the same page is essential. It is also very important that you have realistic expectations of each other and what you are trying to achieve. Also in terms of the fact that many emotions and situations can’t be solved overnight. They take time and sometimes a change in the way we have been thinking.

If your ex is saying that they really don’t know what they want, or that they don’t love you. Believe them. Even if they are lying. When someone is turning the table on you. Step aside. As the path to a healthy and long-term reconciliation it is essential that you both take responsibility for the things you have done in the relationship that has led to this. If you can’t agree on this point, then, you really aren’t making progress.

5. You have to truly be in love with each other. To be making the effort that is needed to identify what the choices you need to be made are. When you reconnect that you have the power of your combined strengths to make this work.

It is never a good idea to wait, or to see what happens. You must set your own expiry date of how long you are prepared to work on a reconciliation. You need to be sure that you have your individual independence that you have balance between the time you spend together working this out. When it is appropriate to do things with friends and your own interests and when it is appropriate to invest time into each other.

If you are in this situation and would like some clarity and insight into the question, Will my ex come back? Give me a call. I would love to look into your concerns and what is going on and how you can make the best of the situation.


Love and Light,


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