2021 Love Year – Quick Karma

By Gertrude: 2021 is the first year in The Age of The Great Conjunction. Where we are all asked to put our lives into alignment. This is a very important year for those who have love goals. We are in the year of intelligence and consequences. This is where the more intelligent our Love decisions the speedier and more positive the consequences. So a year of Quick Karma.

Love can never be put on a speed dial, however, there are ways in which we can enjoy our meantime. This is where we can manifest our grounding tools quicker and have more abundant outcomes.

No matter what your love situation is right now, this is the time to bring things forward to make the important and intelligent decisions that are needed in order for you to get what you need. Often this can look different from what you desire or want.


The first thing to understand that your focus now needs to be on you. So now is the time to put this into a contract with yourself. This is a time to journal. Where you write down all the things that need to be done to ensure you have the best pathway forward.

Right now, you are the Glorious Celestial Snake and you are shedding your skin. The new cells of your life, like collagen growing a better skin. This is now all available to you. A time to nurture you. It is important that you don’t allow overthinking about the future spoil the here and now. It is like being given a seed, where you can neglect it or treat it so that it grows and blooms.

Once you have an idea of what it is that you need to have your best outcomes, it is time to set your agenda. To free time up in your thoughts so that they are mindful. That they nourish your inner world. To build confidence and those effervescent bubbles of positivity that is enriching.

Our thoughts predict our future so it is important that you fill them wisely. The clearer our thoughts the more willing the Universe is willing to bring us what we need that is good for us. In our best interests. This is where we also encourage like minded people into our lives.

Our thoughts always prepare us for action. When we make a conscious stand and work with accountability, so will the people around us. As that old saying goes. Actions speak louder than words. This applies to all of us, to those around us so that we can observe their behaviour. However, this starts with us. Our actions show others how to treat us. It is also how we treat ourselves.

A place where we set up boundaries and observe is while we are giving are we able to receive from others that allows us to be our best version of ourselves. That brings us the confidence and inner security required. This is so especially important when it comes to love. It is an oscillating flow of giving and receiving. It can sometimes vary depending on your life circumstances. However, it gauges to see if we are equals and our love goals are being met.

For any love bond to be successful it has to have action and it needs to be equal. One person doing all the work isn’t getting their emotional requirements filled. This is the time to check in with you.

The next phase in creating quick karma to boot your love relationships is outcomes. This is where we take things that have happened, are happening or haven’t happened into account. A time to overview the results of our effort.

Often at this stage, we can become a bit impatient. So this is not a time to look at time. Because time isn’t a factor in terms of when we draw the right person into our lives. When we live in real time we are enjoying the moments. Not placing our happiness in an outcome in the future. Or wishing that things would speed up. If your love is a year or even 10 years away. That time will pass anyway. So don’t waste it with negativity or feeling that things are passing you by.

This resulting in your best match means that time-wasters won’t rob you of vital opportunities. You will be able to find that strength and courage and dogged determination to if needs be, save the best till last.

If you are overwhelmed with emotions and your love life is not developing in the way you want it. If your lover is unresponsive and you are at odds. Now is the perfect time to focus on you. To take care of yourself and your energy first and foremost.

So remember, this begins and ends with you and you are in control every step of the way. Even if it feels like that’s not the case. 2021 is the year to bring change. Where you are being asked to be fully engaged and participating in what is right for you.

If things seem a bit stuck for you right now, don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation.


Love and Light,


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