2019 Resolutions

By Counselor Karen: We all know that each and every year we set out to start and achieve some major goals in our life. Some are looking for some weight loss, others for financial gain and savings, while others are just hungry for love. While all of these things are important and validated, have you ever thought that these goals don’t have to be started only at a beginning of a year?

Statistics show that people that make resolutions at the beginning of the year end up failing only a few months later. So why not make goals all year long? If we set our sights on more tangible things a little at a time, it is much easier to achieve.

karen2 For instance, weight loss. Sure, we all want to shed a few pounds each year, but what if you started with small goals and those included little lifestyle changes that added up to the big goal, that could keep it off longer. We tend to want to beat ourselves up when we mess up on a diet or cringe when we gain a bit after a splurge on the weekend.

I know recently for me, I just added more walking to my life and watched what I ate. I have gone down 16 pounds without really thinking about it in the last two months. I did not wait for the first of the year, nor did I make it about a time frame, but just realized that each day is a gift and each day is a new start. Being healthy should be just part of a daily routine.

Money can be the same. You can start small with a savings that is doable each week depending on your income and slowly work your way up to more. It is okay to have an off week when finances are tighter. You just do better the next time. Pick yourself up and keep moving. Money can come and go, but it should not take away your joy.

And love… so much to say about this subject. So many of us think we can control when and where and who we fall in love with. But how do you find love when you are ready? First off you love yourself and you do things that you love. When you are proactive in living a good life and being healthy in your outlook of whom you are, then God seems to know the exact timing for your person to appear. Sometimes we try too hard to fall in love. Often ending up with someone we settled for rather than a lifelong amazing partner just to say we found love in the New Year.

My point to all of this is… New Year’s resolutions are good, but they don’t just have to be about starting on the New Year. Each day you wake up is a new day and no matter where you start your journey is always moving. Little changes add up to lifetime changes. Joy comes from not beating yourself up for not keeping your resolutions. When you realize that life is a precious gift and each day is special, then you will start to understand that on any given day you can achieve your goals and when you least expect it love will find its way to you.

Aim for an amazing year. Manifest great things. Be the best you that you can be. Trust and have faith that your journey is on the right path and always be thankful for what you have. Don’t sweat the small stuff because you know we always get through even when it feels overwhelming. Love others like no one can, and aim for being an example in being a good person rather than becoming obsessed with yourself. We can have it all, if we are well rounded and open to new possibilities. God had a plan the day you were born and those plans did not restart just on New Year’s Day. So this year as you strive to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, remember that even if you fail, the next day you can be a winner!


Happy New Year!

Love and Light,

Counselor Karen

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