Your True Valentine

By Audrey: This valentines day, let’s ask ourselves “what makes me feel truly loved?” Keeping this holiday within the confines of the traditional expectations and having to make a big dinner reservation or going to a singles party to mingle has its temporary benefits. This is true, however it only offers one day of joy, this year let’s all kick it up a notch and challenge Valentine’s day to offer more to us all year long.

One way we can remix this holiday is making small choices in our day to day lives, to choose love instead of anger and pain. This is your true valentine, to yourself, choosing to live in love can change your entire life. It changes your perception on a conscious and subconscious level. It takes us all from frustration to satisfaction in aspects of love, personal accomplishments, and even career goals. 


Let’s take a look at our personal lives. After all it is the month of love, let’s ask, “Who in our lives loves us and deserves love?” If you are single this can be a challenging time for you looking at your personal life through love can feel painful but you must remember there is always family and good friends to examine, if none of these people on your list make you feel badly about yourself and offer kind words and a smile when your feeling blue you’ve created an excellent support system of love and should remember to express your gratitude whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Now, if you’re in a new relationship and are still getting to know one another don’t force the progress to happen. This is a wonderful honeymoon time, when you can learn to trust and become very comfortable with flowing communication and setting solid boundaries that are harmonious for both partners. 

If you are in a long term committed relationship ask yourself, “Does this person make me feel loved after all the time?” and “Do I still in fact want to give my whole heart to them in return?” If the answer is no and this can be for many reasons, it’s time to have a calm discussion on feelings and goals for the future, time is so precious, wasting it with the wrong person can be avoided by creating a safe space for communication with your partner this is one way to ensure your on the same chapter in the book of love and have the same intentions for one another. This is a good technique that can be applied monthly, this is neither pushy nor presumptuous when you’re in a long term commitment, it offers clarity and refocus and is part of living within love everyday of the year. If your answer is yes I still encourage you to speak to your partner, receiving affirmation of your affection helps further strengthen the bond that you have created and a little conversation about all the things you both love about one another can spark a valentine’s day fire in your hearts and will lead to passion and intimacy, and that is NEVER a bad thing. 

On the subject of personal accomplishments, whatever they may be, re-approaching them with the new concept of love will restore motivation and hope that sometimes can feel long lost when focusing on progress in this area of life. This is not a fix all cure, it will still require hard work and sacrifice while all the time remembering this is for your growth and ultimate long term happiness. The first subject in personal accomplishments is health, mental and physical. Seeking good professional assistance with this subject will help set goals and get you back on track. This is all part of choosing love, to love yourself and live free from pain and mental restrictions of your potential. Having a clean bill of health is the boost we all need to plan our next personal step to accomplishment this year, whether you want to feel and look good on the beach or run in a half

marathon, the sky’s the limit on your personal goals and possible accomplishments in this area of life. 

This leads to our next subject career, career can be difficult to look at through love. We must approach it on a long term scale and ask ourselves, “Does what I do for a living make me feel happy and respected?” Happiness and respect are two of the things we need in order to have a long lasting and successful career life, not the financial gain it offers us. Many people focus on material things to make them feel love, this is a waste of time in the big picture of our lives, yes it is a good goal to be financially comfortable and be able to create memories with those closest to us, whether it be a family vacation or a concert with friends, but the larger goal is to spend quality time not acquire material things to sit in a closet unworn or on a dusty shelf to be stared at. Having a successful career life that’s lived through love encourages us to enjoy our accomplishments and successes that increase confidence and makes us feel more capable of being there for the big moments, the memories being made with our people or tribe if you will, that is what living in love and applying it to career can offer us, it’s really about long lasting harmony and making the best of our lives in the long term. 

Love must be allowed to flow freely and guide its own path. This holiday was inspired by two men with the name Valentine, one of whom was a priest in third century Rome. Valentine lived his life in love and showed defiance to Emperor Claudius the second. Who issued a ban on marriage on his own soldiers and forced them to only live a life of combat and service to the crown. Valentine broke this law and performed hundreds of marriages in secret, until he was discovered and sentenced to death. Standing up for love was what Valentine believed in, his sacrifice reminds us all to honor love everyday, it is a powerful force that has brought joy to the human race for all of natural known time. Choosing love in our own lives not only improves it but is the first step to honoring the idea of love and Valentines day. One more thing we can do is encourage others to turn away from fear and doubt and make decisions based on love, this keeps all of our karmic scales balanced and although challenging in the moment, can lead to happiness and unbridled joy all year long. 

Here are a few quotes about love that remind us of all the joy of a true Valentine: 

“How you love yourself teaches others how to love you” 

-Rupi Kaur 

“Think of me when you feel alone,because I think of you even though you don’t know.” -Clairel Esteves 

“My love is selfish, I cannot breathe without you.” 

-John Keats 

“To love is risky,not to love is foolish.” 

-Maxime Lagace 

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” -Eden Ahbez


Love and Light,


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