Your Main Protection Guide From Birth To Death

By Antoinette: Guides are the unseen world, like all unseen things they affect us on a daily basis. The unseen world influences our lives every day for just two examples are our “feelings” and “Thoughts” which are with us every day. We have invisible beings (Guides) whom help us through our lives every day to protect and guide us to be the best person we can be on earth.

1antoinette2 In this article, I will discuss our main Guide and the purpose of this guide in our day to day lives. In some spiritual beliefs, it is believed that you are given a Main Guide for protection on earth, which this guide remains with you from birth to your death. There are many discussions about near misses with death and seconds where you were in danger by a few seconds and have felt saved by an unknown influence or holy force. The Guide you have does give you warnings by the 3 following means to help protect you on earth and to “Guide you to Safety”.

The first job/goal of your Guide is to help you and communicate you through your Soul/Feelings or what most people call the “Gut Feeling”, The gut instinct and feeling is like a barometer or warning system to make sure you avoid dangerous decisions, and also avoid people who have the intent to harm you in one way or another.

This could be for example; you many “feel” when a new person is introduced to you or that you meet and you feel “not right” about them. Sometimes if you do not follow your Gut feeling and give them the benefit of the doubt and then you lose from this relationship. Your Gut Feeling may also give you warnings such as a prompt to look both ways when crossing the road, and choose more safe options in your day to day life. Two; Thoughts, You have your own personal Guide who places thoughts in your own mind if you are in danger or are about to put yourself in danger. For example; “don’t use that chair, go get that ladder”, “Re-check that information, ask more questions or get independent advice”, “look out” and/or “check or do that check/test again”. Three; guide others, In rare cases where an attempt has been made to help guide you away from danger, they can help with others to help you. An example, in such as car accidents where people appear to help and happen to be just going past, whom lend first aid and help in serious situations.

This article makes you think about the unseen world and the help you can get from your main life Guide. There are other guides whom come in and out of your life depending on your work, career direction, passions, inner desires and life path.


Love and Light,


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