You Get What You Give

By Isabella: Hello lovely souls, hope this finds you coming into the sacred season of love joyfully. Good Friday, Easter, Passover and Earth Day are in April so now is as good a time as any to remind you to love greater, give more. Give, you say? How are you supposed to do that when an international pandemic, raging war and higher gasoline prices have financially strained many?

Giving of yourself costs nothing except your time which is the greatest gift you can give. It is in the small, thoughtful acts of goodness that greater good returns to you and while few give in order to get, it is the basic way of the universe. What goes out comes back, what you give you receive, and many times far greater than you gave. I once gave 5 dollars to a homeless man and that week I won $50. I once gave a great deal more to an elderly lady in the grocery store who was buying cups of soup because she couldn’t afford healthy goods. I secretly watched her, eyes filled with tears, head straight over to the meat counter to buy steak and other proteins. I am not rich, never have been because I have never made my work about money, yet I’ve always felt blessed in so many other ways. When we view our lives from a heart filled with love and gratitude, it systemically changes you and everything that comes into your life. The more blessings you count the more increase comes in every area of your life.


Giving of yourself is paramount to mental health and overall well-being. When you perform an act of kindness, it stimulates what psychologists refer to as “the helpers high” producing feel good chemicals throughout your body. The more you give of your money, your time, spontaneous acts of kindness, the healthier you become and that is a scientific fact.

How can you give other than money? Here are just a few ways you can help others and animals:

Help an elderly person: Mow their lawn, take out their trash, and help them carry in their groceries or help them load them into their car at the grocery store. Bake a casserole or pie for them. See if they need you to pick up medications for them or offer to give them a ride if they need to go to a doctor’s or hair appointment. Offer to spend some time playing games like cards or skip Bo with them. There are so many ways to bless senior citizens.

Help the animals: Volunteer at a local animal shelter. When you see a stray animal, give it food and water and a warm shelter until you can locate the owner on apps like the Neighbors app or take it to the Humane Society. If you hear or see a neighbor abusing his/her animals or leaving them out in the cold weather, file a report immediately. That applies to livestock too. Donate to your local animal shelter and adopt older animals that have no one. Don’t get a pet unless you are A FOREVER HOME. There is no excuse whatsoever to abandon a dog or cat or even bunny.

Help the earth: Conserve energy by lowering the thermostat to 67 in the winter and in the summer keep the air conditioner at 73. Don’t let the water run when you are brushing your teeth, shower with the lights off in the morning hours and use low watt bulbs. Unplug hair dryers, room heaters and anything else not in use. Current is coursing through the appliance even when it is not in use. Drive at the speed limit and don’t let your car sit running burning valuable fuel. Conserve water in the summer, hand water where you can and set your sprinkler system on for only 3 days a week NOT 4.

Be kind to strangers: A compliment, letting someone in in traffic, holding the door open for someone, paying for the car behind you at Starbucks or other fast food place or grocery store. There are so many ways to help others and so many are in need. Take discarded coats to the shelter, order healthy cases of food on amazon and have it shipped directly to your local food bank or Care and Share in America. Don’t judge people. If you see a homeless or struggling person, give up that 10 dollar bill or more. It’s only money and more will always come to a generous giver. We must take care of each other, especially in difficult times.

There are countless ways to help humans, the earth and the animals, too many for me to cover in one small blog. Use your imagination and really search for ways to be kind. If you look up and not at your device, I assure you that you will discover many opportunities to give, share and love. Your job as a human is to be a good one and the good karma that returns is amazing and ensures that when you need a kind word or deed done for you, many will be there to help you. God bless, take care of each other.


Sending love across the miles,


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