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By Sarah: The Angels are here to guide us, and as I develop in my spiritual journey (which is never ending) I am drawn more and more to the assistance of Angels in my life and in my readings. When I wake up in the morning and I make my cup of coffee and two pieces of toast, I whisper my thanks to the Angels for providing me with this. The reason why I am so appreciative is because some years ago our little family moved onto a rural farm in South Africa – and at the same time our home business collapsed – which meant some months with no income and usually with just a couple of pieces of bread in the bread bin. It was prayer and working my Angels that my life turned around. My life now is very different and I am thankful and grateful for everything that manifests.

So – for all these years later to wake up each morning with a fresh loaf of bread in my kitchen – it is indeed a blessing. Due to COVID hitting so many people financially in the hospitality and entertainment industry – I am no longer alone with this experience of trying to work out where the next meal is coming from. During 2020 many people had nowhere to turn but to prayer to help them get through the hard times. Therefore many of us now place value on things we once took for granted and our lives have adjusted. But we remember the prayers that helped us get through the hard times and many of us continuously feel a sense of gratitude.


Many of you are now evolving because of struggle and becoming more spiritual in your journey through life. Some may be using crystals, Reiki, or incense. Some of you will be focusing more on astrology  – some are even following the ET’s. But what is most important as you explore this exciting and new spiritual journey – you need to protect your path going forwards. And this is where the Angels come in.

Before connecting with Angels you do need to cleanse yourself using water – by a simple conscious bath or shower ritual. If bathing – add three cups of coarse salt mixed with your favorite aromatherapy oil – Rose Geranium, Neroli and Lavender are very soothing. Angels just love beautiful fragrance. Whenever you smell something gorgeous – your Angels will be there too. Submerge yourself right under the water and let the Angel of Water cleanse your energy body.

Put on comfortable clothing and burn a candle for three hours and ASK The Angels to come in and guide you forward in life. If there is someone you love or want to love – ask the Angel of Love to heal the situation or relationship.

Angels are here to help us – and indeed it is to the Angels that I connect to find out your truest answers to the best of my ability. Anything I want or need I simply ask the Angels and with patience it occurs – and you can do this too. It really is that simple!

But to truly have the Angels working in your life – you need to help them on earth by being an Earth Angel. It may be the opportunity of simply sending a kind message to someone, or buying a raffle ticket from the school child next door. It could be volunteering at an animal shelter, or raising funds for a children’s charity. Whenever you do something kind and thoughtful for someone else – you are literally being an Angel on Earth. Humans can manifest as Earth Angels and become quite famous. Harry and Meghan are a good example – volunteering their lives for the betterment of others. Oprah Winfrey certainly works closely with her Angels. How many other famous Earth Angels can you think of?

To have the Angels truly work and operate in your life, you also need to have a positive attitude about as much as you can. You have to have trust and you must remember to ASK. Angels are always around and they will always assist the Highest Good but they cannot help unless they are invited.

Learn to take life one day at a time – and notice when an odd thing happens to you. Maybe you get into your car to drive home – and there is a little ladybug on your seat. This is a sign from the Angels. Maybe you ask your Parking Angel to find you the perfect parking spot or you ask for peace to come to a conflict situation – once you connect with the Angelic Realm life becomes so much easier and less stressful. And it all starts with gratitude..

The Earth is moving from 3D to 5D awareness and young children have already ascended and were born into an altered, beautiful reality. 5D is where the Universe literally starts responding to your thoughts and words. So it’s inevitable that a global shift is happening on the Earth right now with more and more people choosing the path of love rather than fear. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were true artists way ahead of their time. Just Imagine.

So please gift yourself a huge blessing – from me to you. Take the time to honor and respect the Angelic Realm and watch how quickly your life changes for the better. Expect everything to go well – because it will most certainly. People will start wondering what is happening in your life to make it so good and at first they will not believe that Angels could be so powerful – but give them time .You will also experience eternal love and protection as well as inner comfort and your confidence level will soar. Something that each one of us deserve.

Finally make a little space on a coffee table or a mantelpiece and have a little temple to honor the Angels. Put bright and sparkly things, crystals, photographs of people who need healing, a little prayer you have written out. It’s a bit like having a Christmas Tree on a shelf – but for the Angels.

Please come and have a chat with me if you feel like you need some powerful Angel therapy. I am here to help you experience the best karma free life you possibly can.


Love and Light,


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