Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

By Sarah: So often I hear from my clients “I am such a good person so why do all these bad things happen to me?”. Human beings are very stubborn creatures and we live in a culture of religious dogmatism with many people preferring to walk around as a non-believer in control of their own destinies.

When a human reaches karmic overload from decades and decades of reincarnation, something happens when the human reaches the tipping point. All at once all the karma of the generations – the granny and grandpas – hits all at once. This happens to cause emotional stress and strain which will eventually bring the human to their knees to find their soul and to re-connect with Spirit.

1sarah6 If we were living the true spiritual way, we would be in sync with the timing of the Universe, slowed up and observing all the life lessons coming our way,. But we are not slowed up – we are living according to the Roman Calendar, swept up in the rat race and plugged in to mass media.

Sequences of coincidences and synchronicity will occur that will lead the human back to their soul. Indeed, some people say that the emotional pain experienced during this time is likened to a mini death – which is actually what it is. The human turning into a soul faces a final death almost like going through the veil as it is so painful and they suddenly see life completely differently. There can also literally be a near death experience – a serious miss of a car accident, a suicide attempt .Signs and symbols start to come along – one of the first being double numbers on the clock. Certain animals, reptiles, birds or insects start to come along and they all start to take on significance. Perhaps the soul is led to having a tarot reading. Gradually the soul with the human starts to wake up to another sequence that is happening in life and this is why bad things start to happen to good people. To wake them up to their spirituality.

There is not a problem in the world that cannot be sorted out by just stopping time in mid tracks, and connecting with your inner self by being at peace. Even ten minutes a day of handing over the steering wheel to the Angels and the Universe will bring in huge delights to your world. Humans have to move with the times. There are two duality realities happening on this earth right now – some are living in hell and some are living in heaven. As Jim Morrison said – “It’s time to break on through to the other side.”

The earth is spinning to a higher vibration, moving out of hell and control consciousness into a consciousness of love. Many humans are starting to find their true soul and calling in life. The reality is getting so out of control that humans have become desensitized and are cutting off. So what does this mean for the world?

This means that as more and more people become spiritual – operating on a frequency of love – the more people will begin to realize that life is just a hologram of all our collective thought. But for people to become spiritual they have to be brought to their knees – which means a whole lot of bad situations that you think are never going to end. The more of us that gather together in spirit – connected usually online – the more we can start to dream up marshmallow clouds, unicorns, love and rainbows rather than war, and politics and capitalism.

So this is why bad things happen to good people. It is time for their soul to awaken.

My readings are perfect for the evolving soul as I understand the process and how difficult life can become when facing the dark night of the soul. Speak to me and lets see how far along you are in the evolving tunnel of Light. Let’s speed up the miracles that can occur in your life.


Love and Light,


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