When A Breakup Becomes A Make-up

By Sarah: This article is about soulmates and the journey a soul mate road can usually take in 2019. Keep in mind that in a soulmate relationship the two of you are connected and you walk through life together. In the beginning of a soulmate relationship there is a very strong pull towards each other and you know there is something special and unique. We put on our best show and all we want to do is to see the happiness in our loved one’s eyes as it gives us a huge boost of dopamine in our brains.

1sarah6 However, as months go on, and we give to our partner to make them happy, we start to build up resentment. Resentment at always giving. Eventually, because we have not – as a society – been taught to sit down and communicate openly with our partners, the resentment is more than the love between the two of you, and a huge row erupts.

This pattern continues to grow and grow until eventually the situation explodes. Huge anger comes through towards each other, which is confusing because as soul mates we are meant to love one another.

Usually this is when I get contacted, saying that there has been a huge blow up and is this relationship going to repair itself? I then advise my client that the angry feelings will only be there for a day or two and then the love will resurface again once tempers have died down.

However, this is only a band aid over a festering wound. The arguments will become more frequent because the couple is not living in true realization. Eventually there will be a HUGE blow up and one of the couple move out usually after a huge screaming match.

Now this is where the greatest healing can take place. What this couple desperately needs is to find themselves. So being apart is perfect PROVIDED the couple STOPS the fighting. I usually advise my female clients to go very quiet and to give the man their space. Preferably the quickest route is if there is no contact for a week. Men and women are very different in how they react to break ups. The woman hurts and loves deeply and the man goes inside his shell and closes up. He goes out a few nights enjoying his new found freedom, but believe me, once the first partying weekend is over he will wake up on Sunday morning and miss his mate. And that is when healing begins.

To avoid all of this, the best advice I can give is for a person to slow life right down when they are with their partner. Instead of wanting or needing they just stop and observe. Observe their partner. Who are they? How can you love them more? How do you make them happy?

This world is a harsh place to live. We need a partner to stand by us during thick and thin. But we need to start finding ourselves and who we are and what we need – and then giving forward to the one person we love in the world. Our partners.


Love and Light,


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