What To Focus On When In Love

By Shannon: Being in love seems easy, but what will you focus on when in love to sustain the levels of love?

1. Expression of love
At the start of a relationship, it’s important to get to the deeper expressions of feelings, not just the giddy high smiling laughter and urging to be together, but the deeper reasons for this attraction.

Expressing how you feel is an important stepping stone, not just the “I love you”, but also “why do you love me?”, “What did I do to bring about these feelings” can be hard to understand, but at the start, just being in love can be enough.


2. Reciprocation
Understanding that the other person wants to give the same level of love they feel inside to you helps you feel that your efforts are reciprocated. If they take you to dinner, is it important to do the same? There is no simple answer to that, as individuals love in different ways, but there may be down the road, may be a few more dates that you’re able to do something special for the person who has been showing the actions of caring towards you.

You should never feel you owe anything or have to do anything, just doing it from the heart is enough. Sometimes confusion reigns, and people feel they should give something back so maybe something small but at the start receiving is just as important as giving to help build the foundations of love.

3. What are their intentions?
You may have seen this a lot in movies where the family asks the new loved one what their intentions are? The reason for this is wanting to know if the person intends to continue with you or may ghost you, so I don’t feel it hurts to find out what the intentions are, not pushy, just asking if they have any can be enough. Someone who isn’t intending anything, maybe either confused for direction, or doesn’t know yet what they will do.

No one is expected to know if they want to get too serious on the first date, but at the same time, it’s important to weed out problems before they get too deep into it.

4. Knowing when to say “I love you”.
Basically, be sure you’re in love before saying it as most times, this can take the relationship to the next level of exclusivity so you have to make sure you mean the words the person, maybe waiting to hear given enough time. Sometimes people say it too soon eg’ love bombers; but most people wait a little while and may say they think they are in love or they may be in love before deciding fully if they are. If someone is in love with you, usually they will express it within a fair shot time after they can see you are responding and show signs of being the same. It’s a red flag if someone says it too fast or too slow.

5. The Future
If someone is making future plans, this is a good solid sign they want a future with you, even if they aren’t yet actioning the plans it means, at least they thought about, it which is a very positive sign for the future. A person who thinks about the future will talk about the future and sometimes make plans far in advance. Some stick to the plans at some change them, but its the making of the plans that shows us they see you as a part of their life in the future . This is a green flag for go .

Come and talk to our caring psychics about your situation and find your way to a happier love.


Love and Light,


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