What Questions Should I Ask The Tarot?

By Angelica: Have you ever wondered what to ask the Tarot? Why does it matter when you get a reading? Tarot is viewed by many as a divination tool and many clients who consult with me often ask a “when” question, e.g. when will [name] contact me, when will I hear back about a job interview. Of course, it is perfectly natural for people to want to know if a situation will improve when they are losing hope or faith.

1angelica2 However, the messages in tarot are much more than just for future scoping! I see them as an instrument for empowerment and self-discovery on your life path. Your choices and free will are constantly present and active, as are others’ free will.

Let’s take a look at two different questioning styles. Asking closed questions like “When will XYZ call?” or “Will XYZ and I be in a relationship?” tend to show a narrower, more restricted view of your likely future. What if that’s not what you really want, need or is best for your life path? Asking open questions starting with “How” or “What” and that relate directly to you for e.g. “What do I need to know right now about XYZ” or “How do I heal from XYZ?” are more uplifting and hold a more liberating energy. That is because they put the emphasis onto YOU and not anyone or anything else outside of you.

Suggested questions:

Below are some suggested sample DO and DO NOT questions to ask for your first or next reading:

DO ask:
LOVE: What do I need to know right now about being in a relationship with XYZ?
LOVE: How can I improve my relationship with XYZ?
CAREER: What do I need to know right now about getting a promotion at my current job?
CAREER: How can I get myself ready to manifest my ideal job or career?
MONEY: What do I need to know right now about my money mindset?
MONEY: How can I improve my financial situation this year?
PERSONAL: What do I need to know right now about my current life path?
PERSONAL: How do I manage my anxieties with a new baby on the way?

DO NOT ask:
LOVE: When will I see XYZ again?
LOVE: When will XYZ contact me?
CAREER: When will I get a new job?
CAREER: Will I get that promotion next week?
MONEY: When will money improve for me?
MONEY: Will I win the lottery next month?
PERSONAL: When will my life feel better?
PERSONAL: Will I lose weight by next month?

So to get the most out of your first or next reading, think about what you want to ask and stay focused on questions that are open and more specific to you personally. Try and avoid too much emphasis on timing or on the actions of the other person; this puts the power back into your hands.

The cards will respond in a much clearer and insightful way so you can leave the reading feeling more inspired and empowered than before!
I look forward to reading for you soon.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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