What is Christmas!

Our Children will find it hard to sleep this Christmas eve night! Resting by Christmas lights. As they find and wonder of gifts under a beautiful little Christmas tree. We join together with our family, friends, and even strangers share love, joy, good food, good will and gifts that say, I appreciate you.

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This is the Grandest time of Year! But, What is Christmas? Really, all about? There is so much more to this, than you could have ever thought! It is a time to remember where we come from, and how Greatly we are so protected, by God’s gift wrapped in swaddling clothes, one cold and starry night, a long time ago in a town called Bethlehem!

This man born of pure love, to take away the veil of darkness, that mankind has dropped over himself, in a moment of vulnerability. This man called Jesus Christ, who took on all of the negativity, pain, hurts, evil of the world, and death into himself, so we as people could live, thrive, and find the true beauty of who we are through this man named “Jesus”. I would love to say that the best part of Christmas is opening presents, and seeing the twinkling eyes of our children and grandchildren, laughing, and playing, and all the hugs and kisses, we give, and receive.

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The REAL meaning of this Great day, is that there once was a man Jesus Christ almighty, who came to our world, to change it, and he did. Even through all the suffering, and challenges you many have to go through, when you look up in the night sky, you can still see that bright star in the east shinning bright for all of us, as we all our the children of God! With love, and prayers that your holidays are Blessed with the true meaning of Christmas, that is my Christmas wish for you.

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