Valentine’s Day: tempering expectations for a positive outcome

A full moon occurs on Valentine’s day, 2014, and to an extent this could be a perfect full moon for this day as it falls at 26 degrees of Leo, peaking at 6: 53 p.m., EST. Leo is a fire sign and a full moon in a fire sign tends to produce fiery situations!
Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house of love affairs, friends and children, but as always exactly how this moon affects you is dependent on where and how it falls in your personal natal chart and what else is going on.
Now, notice I said could be…not that it will be, overall.
Expectations must be tempered as this full moon squares Saturn at 23 degrees of Scorpio, and Saturn relates to obstacles, responsibilities, restrictions, and all in all can be a drag.
Mercury retrogrades back into Aquarius and this creates a Mercury-moon opposition which can be annoying in terms of communication. And Venus in Capricorn is a fewer frills type of love, that is more practical in its approach.
None of this means you will have a bad day, but again, its dependent on what else exists in your chart at the moment.
If you have a positive relationship, don’t expect problems. If you have a faltering relationship or one that is just getting off the ground, don’t expect miracles.
If you are single, or in a nebulous relationship the most important person to love on this day….is yourself. Remember the old saying charity begins at home, and so does love. Take this concept and run with it and you may have a glorious day!
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