Valentines Day For Singles

By Rani: This is a sincere reminder for those who are feeling the ‘Need’ for connection this Valentine’s Day.

Yes we all want to basque in romance, but this day now comes with expectation. These expectations that have been set up by society that make you feel this way. You do not NEED connection on this particular day. Right now you are single with divine reason and purpose. You are currently in a chapter that involves you evolving your Mind, Body and Spirit. Therefore, I need to remind you and set your mind at ease. This is an illusion, do not allow it to delay goals for this month.

Keep in mind a lot of people who are celebrating Valentine’s Day do not feel a connection. The celebration instead becomes an act both need to perform, Which just goes to show as long as you are not with a genuine connection there is nothing to be missed.


What would you prefer? To be a part of some act that is helping one inflate their ego and waste their time and money? Or would you rather be content with the frequency you are currently set to be in? Once your mind can logically fathom this concept you can free yourself of these expectations.

A lot of people will waste months of time and energy trying to ensure they have a connection for this day, when instead they could be investing their energy on things that will propel their timeline to new heights. They could be creating Success within their career. They could be becoming stronger mentally and physically instead of draining themselves for this celebration.

So take back your energy and reclaim it! From now on only open your Heart up to this day if you are truly connected with it. Otherwise it’s just another day.

Daily Manifestation for Self Empowerment:
Repeat until you BELIEVE IT.

“I follow where the Wind Directs my Heart,
My Third Eye gives me Clarity on point like a Dart,
I am an Open Book to the Source,
My Intuition like a River is set on course,
The Destination is Empowerment within myself,
To become at one with my Mind, Body Spirit and Thy Truest Self.”

Valentines Day is clearly a beautiful celebration. Yet, the meaning has been taken away. Do not feel as if you are missing out on an experience with someone. There is no missing out since it is not yet to be. Instead utilize this time to love your inner and outer beauty. If you are single, make this day a time for you to tap into your passion. Manifest the Valentine’s Day you want next year. Do not give into the illusion that you ‘Need’ a connection on this day… and remember there is always Someday.


Love and Light,


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