Using Your Intuition

By Denise: When we are on the lookout for love, we often miss extraordinary signs and messages that pop up in our daily life. We can slow down enough to recognize and listen to our intuitive intelligence. It can reveal truth and warn of any potential danger.

Our body gives us signals. Maybe this could be Goosebumps when a person feels right.  It could be your hair standing up on the back of your neck when someone creepy approaches you.

1denise1 Déjà vu. This is when you have had this exact conversation before with someone, even if it’s someone you have just met.  Instead of thinking it strange and then moving on, don’t let the experience go unremarked.  When it comes to romance, déjà vu can be a powerful affirmation that you are doing just what you are supposed to do.  Or it could be a way of telling you to pause, think and reflect where you are right now.

Intuitive Empathy. This is when you pick a vibe from another person.  You may suddenly sense a person’s deep loneliness or you feel hostility coming from a person who is actually smiling at you.  It is important to take notice on how a person makes you feel rather than what they say.

Next time you meet somebody new, tap into the energy that you feel when you first meet them.  Sometimes we go against our intuition and disaster happens.

To sum up, We should not mistrust our romantic intuition but we should also not base our relationship decisions on such feelings alone.  So listen to your heart and take into account other perspectives, your own and others and then make your decision.  Intuition is always an excellent starting point.

Intuition of infidelity can begin by upsetting dreams. It could be something like other women wearing sexy nightmare in your home. It could be a dream of a snake getting closer and closer to you for no reason.   These dreams normally occur again And again.   Sometimes it could be an awful feeling when nearby your partner associated with nausea or a bad sensation in your gut.

It could be having an awful feeling or uncomfortable feeling when friends are around, as if they are looking at you differently.

If you feel something is OFF and your partners excuses don’t add up then don’t discount your gut feeling – trust it completely.

If you have a suspicion your partner is cheating listen to your gut – it’s always right.


Love and Light,


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