Twin Flames, Soulmates or Karmic Soulmates?

By Sofia: Are you having doubts whether your person is a soulmate? Are you feeling the intensity of the connection, but you are also feeling confused on whether this is the right person for you? In a world where our understanding about soul contracts and 5D connections is emerging, there is a lot of misunderstanding about who is a soulmate and what does it really mean. This article might help you in your journey, recognizing whether you are in a twin flame, soulmate, or karmic soulmate connection. So let’s begin!

Twin Flames: It might be the easiest to recognize among any other connections as this is defined as two souls split into two. You are alike, and mirror each other in behavior and preferences, and of course insecurities and fears. As Shannon Kaiser says The purpose of your twin flame is to support and help you with your divine mission and purpose”. So, the purpose of your twin-flame is to help you see all of who you are and ascend to your true authentic self.  


However, such mirroring can be very intense and the duration or outcome of such connection depends on the level of the awareness you two have! This kind of relationship, especially at initial stages, can be challenging as there will be highs and lows and at some point, you may want to give up.

So, what happens when Twin Flames split? When the “Honeymoon Phase” ends, you start to notice the insecurities and attachments that are enveloped within the connection. Separation seems like a nightmare and can lead to disappointment and deep pain. There’s a “Runner” and a “Chaser” within the connection, one pursues the other as one pulls away. After doing deep inner work, and when both of you identify the issues, you’ve accepted your destiny. This is when you truly find the healing balance of your connection.  Now it will be the right time for you to reunite, if not in this lifetime, you are still destined to be united in the lives to come.  

Nevertheless, from the very start, there is a deep sense of “knowing” each other. You may telepathically communicate on the 5D, “read” each other’s thoughts and feel very connected on an emotional level. Other claims that you may also have a particular mole or scar in specific parts of your body parallel or in the exact location where your twin flame has, as they walked on the same path from past lives and may happen to have identical soul marks.

Soulmates: These are two different souls yearning to reconnect, destined to meet at a specific time. However, anything beyond the meeting is in accordance with their free will.  Soulmates can be platonic or romantic, while a soul tribe is a group of people with high vibrations matching yours. With those people you feel accepted and supported. There’s a psychic connection that binds soulmates together, and they are meant to bring a lot of support, positivity and a sense of belonging to your life. Soulmates are here to remind you of your worth! 

Unlike Twin Flames, you can have many soulmates in one lifetime. Not all of these connections are meant to last forever, but the connection never dies, it’s always there! Usually, when soulmates break up, you may likely experience “anxiety”, or it can cause you “trust issues”, because it will be hard for you to build a deep connection with someone else again. 

The good part is that a break up with a soulmate, will cause you a “soul searching” that could lead to transforming into the best version you can be. This transformation will create balance as you pursue “individuality”; reassessing what you neglected before that may be important to you. This inner healing will help you find the meaning and purpose you have in this lifetime. Soulmates are here to teach us “To love ourselves so deeply” and help us regain true trust and love in who we are.  

Karmic Soulmates: Are two different souls, where things feel very confusing and often a connection like that creates inner stress, doubt and drama. Though the connection is defined by a lot of passion and chemistry, it doesn’t feel at ease. You may find yourself back and forth to one another. This is because you are more likely stuck in a loop of not learning the lesson that a karmic soulmate brings to you. This connection is often short-term, but it can last up to 2 years or so. There are some people who married their Karmics. As always, we have free will. 

This kind of love feels tough, causes a lot of insecurity, doubt and in most cases you are not being treated based on your worth. It kind of leaves you empty, but it is very easy to get addicted to the “high” of on and off. However, in your gut feeling you know that there is something off with the relationship which causes you a lot of anxiety. 

Karmic soulmates usually operate in a low vibrational frequency of love. This often makes you “hit rock bottom”, because this connection brings out the worst in you. You may notice some repetitive behaviors, being addicted to one another, or a sense of being lost when you are distant from one another. Oftentimes, distance can cause the relationship to deteriorate because you always seek attention, you feel incomplete without affection, and this is exhausting to the point that you will be choosing to end the relationship. Once you recognize that you both came together in order to learn some invaluable tough lessons, it would be a relief as you can let them go with a lot of gratitude and appreciation. 

Whatever the case may be in your situation, always remember that we are here to grow through the experiences that serve the predestined chosen path of our soul’s evolution. All people we meet in our life serve a purpose. Embrace the journey with gratitude, forgiveness and most importantly love! 


Love to you, 


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