Turning An Affair Into A New Relationship

By Sarah: Asking humans to get their lives into order as an individual before heading into a new relationship is a hard act to follow, but it is always nice to know it is the ultimate answer for getting your life in balance. In the meantime, healers and spiritual psychics as well as leaders in Faith will be there to guide souls as they attempt to work their way through life’s dips and turns. But it is always a good starting point to have your roots in fertile soil.

1sarah6 Perhaps you are a woman hoping that your married lover will leave his wife and settle down and marry you. If your lover does not have a break from the previous relationship – re-establish who they are as individuals – then any situations not dealt with in the previous relationship ie: the marriage – will be carried through to the next relationship with you.

Therefore, it is extremely important in any new relationship that each person has lived by themselves after an old relationship and knows who they are and what they want out of life. This need only be for 6 months. They need to know the answers to some very basic life questions like what time do they naturally go to bed if they have no one around like a spouse or children? What are their favorite hobbies when they function as an individual rather than a couple? Who are they at their core being and what do they want to gain out of life? Do they know how to make their own bed and do the washing up?

If a person comes straight out of an intense relationship where there has been lots of arguing and ego confrontation – and they go straight into a new relationship, it may take a few years for the new relationship to straighten itself out in balance. There will be lots of damage and insecurities of an overloaded ego. If there was a marriage and vows have been broken and the marriage dissolved, there is karma to work through on that side too and time is needed for the energies around the divorce to settle. If the person coming out of the marriage gets the courage to live by themselves for 6 months, this provides the platform for the person to do some inner soul searching and work out who they are and discover the meaning of life for themselves. They will be a far better and stronger individual and be more than ready to start a new, fresh, balanced relationship.

A new relationship with someone who has done the above process is great as you’ll have a new soul buddy that can help you work through your karma together which is why falling in love is so awesome. The individual will not be bringing damage and baggage with them as they would have worked through issues whilst being on their own.

Whenever you enter a new relationship – make it a one on one connection. Cheating only takes us backward in life and it can be a while before we can get back in the saddle and ride away forward. Why complicate life when it is already so hard to find balance and see the path ahead? Cheating always brings bad luck even though it can seem exciting and exhilarating in the beginning. It is just a fact of life.


Love and Light,


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