This Week’s Tarotscope

By Sarah: Tarotscope for February 25 – March 3 2019.

AQUARIUS – This is the week of new beginnings for you. There will also be lessons to develop your self confidence so have the courage to walk through doors as they open. Be kind to everyone you meet but don’t allow yourself to be walked all over. Not everyone has the same energy as you and they may take advantage.
PISCES – Have no fear as you move forward in life and keep dreaming big!n I see you have many goals and dreams but limit them down to just a few so that you can give them the energy that they deserve. I see a message or a conversation coming your way this week – it may even be a text – but it is the missing piece of the puzzle and your life will change because of it.


ARIES – The doors of the world open up to you this week and I see very strongly that this is centered around business and love. SO lots happening for the positive this week – enjoy yourself to the max.
TAURUS – This maybe a difficult week ahead as the energies are all over the place as change comes into your life. It is good that change is coming – now dig deep inside your soul and let go of any bitterness or regrets that you may have as they do not serve you they just hold you back in time. I do see that  this could be a particularly trying week but you will move forward successfully.
GEMINI – This is an incredible week for you. The door to the past is closed – never to happen again. You are now on a new cycle of your life. Your problems are going to disappear and you will receive some good fortune. The cards say you are a really nice person and as such you will now be rewarded by the Universe.
CANCER – Oh dear it looks like you are a bit blinded about the way forward and do not know what to do. That’s okay – just go with the flow. I am told that if you turn to prayer or read up on spiritual matters then you will once again see which way you are meant to go. It just takes time so have patience. I see a new cycle beginning for you just around the corner.
LEO – I see life changing between being full of happiness and the next thing full of frustration. The best thing you could do is to get in touch with your soul. The advice from the Tarot is that you spend some quite time, cutting off from all the buzz and noise and allow yourself to simply just BE.
VIRGO – I see you have been quite worried about things lately. I am sorry about this. I see things moving forward on a business level for you this week specifically after a time of hardship. However in all things you are asked to have patience.
LIBRA – I see things moving forward nicely on a financial level this week. Yes it is an uphill battle for you but you will get there is time. I see an answer to your prayers coming along shortly so don’t give up and keep the faith.
SCORPIO – I see that forgiveness features strongly in your stars this week. Apologies to those whom you have done wrong and forgive those who have worked against you. I see a beautiful celebration coming along in the not too distant future and you need to be a soul full of happiness and Light to really appreciate the significance of this moment.
SAGITTARIUS – Ouch you seem to be suffering from wounds of the past. I am so sorry that you are struggling at this time. But not to worry  there is a turning point coming and life is going to start moving forward positively once again. Let go of the past and close the door firmly behind you.
CAPRICORN – this week I see tremendous spiritual growth for you. Some healing is needed from a love affair gone wrong. I see emotional growth happening which is uncomfortable as your heart chakra starts to open. There will be good news for you this week so do not give up hope.


Love and Light,
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