The World Around You

By George: I like to write this article for you, beloved people because it’s about something what people are facing daily and won’t listen to anyone. I have so much to tell you, but not sure how to start. Well, every person on this planet has the guardian angels. I know that many of you just say now. No, I don’t have any Angels with me. But that’s not the truth.

george3 My guardian angels are Peter and Archangel Gabriel, and Gabriel will be the one who will give you the messages here about our world which contains happiness, negativity and everything that bothers you.

First of all, as I said most of you have 2 guardian angels, some can have 3. These guardian angels guide you through your lifetime, motivate you and don’t want you feel to be lonely. Next there are spirit guides which are usually your deceased loved ones or friends and they look after you. Other ones are the spirit animals which are reflecting your character or your deceased pets.

This planet was given to us by Creator/God and we created what you people can see right now. Almost all the time we live in the stress and fear about our finances, career and relationships. Everyday stress is affecting so much your daily routine because there is too much negativity around you.

Let’s say when you put on the TV, Radio or Internet and you feel those negative vibes coming into your soul. Just try to imagine for only 1 day that there is no media at all and think only positive. Let’s forget about the stress, fears, doubts and anxiety and breathe them out from your body. I can see right now that your life will be much nicer and easier. When you feel low, sad or depressed, please call Archangel Michael, who will be pleased to help you and clear your problems.

Everyone deserves everything; it’s your birth right. It’s not that someone gets more and someone less. So when people stay positive, believe in and open themselves, they will attract the happiness, abundance and their dreams will come true. Maybe some of you say it will be boring to have only positive things, but it will be as our Creator planned for us.

Message from Archangel Gabriel:

“I would like to say something more about us-Angels, Archangels and Angelic beings. People, please you do not have to be afraid to call upon us because that’s why we are here and you are the reason why we are here. We are very pleased to help you with anything you are afraid of or bother you. Or provide you some guidance into the situations you are facing at the present moment. Please try to listen to our advice and take it seriously, even if you think it’s your own voice. The first answer you will receive in your mind is from us. Keep your eyes wide open because we are sending you the signs from Heaven also. It was my pleasure to talk to you and never forget we are always here for you. I’m sending you lots of blessings.”


Love and Light,

George and Archangel Gabriel

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