The Truth About Karma

By Halabuth: Why You Are Stuck In A Particular Circumstance? Sometimes, life will throw things at you that you cannot understand. For example, a person wants to love a lady, but no matter what, she resists your advances. This means she is not your lady, or that there is something keeping the two of you apart. It could be Karma from the past or love from another man in the past. Another example is that of a beggar who has no home. It could be an ex-lover from the past making you poor.

1halabuth2 The situation, or Karma, or people keep you apart. So these things are unseen and invisible. People can’t see them, so they don’t know they are operating quietly in the background. These cause us much frustration because they are things from the greater past which are influencing our future. Knowing how they operate will benefit you greatly. It will teach you how to overcome negative karma and to see situations with an observing eye that stays centered amidst the storms of life.

What are some of these factors and situations? Let’s find out.

Karmic Influences

There is something known as Karma. This is a spiritual force which records, rewards, and punishes the good and bad deeds of people. It is ever-present, invisible, and all-potent. If you think there is no punishment for bad deeds and no reward for good deeds, which is wrong. Good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished – not by Heaven, but by the Universal Force. It is automatic and continuous throughout all existence.

Your life is a result of doing good or bad karma; it can come in many forms – not only good or bad. Karma can be liking karma which is the result of having treated someone well in a past life or earlier time in your life. It can be animosity karma, which brings two people into conflict. There is even Food Karma which can be good or bad – causing you to eat delicious cuisine or garbage food. It can even be love karma which makes or breaks your relationship.

Karma is something automatic and powerful. What you need to know about Karma is that it is not a simple thing, but a complex system of rules. Every act in the Universe has karmic points associated with it. Killing a person is 1000 bad karmic points if it is accidental. If it is done with ill intent, it will cost 10,000 bad karmic points. What karma can do to you is amazing…. 5 good karma will give you an hour sitting on the beach, reading your book, ogling guys and girls, and sipping your Piña Colada. 2 good food karma will give you a delicious meal that fills your tummy and delights your taste buds.

Bad Karma

This kind of karma comes when we do something bad like be unfilial to our parents, disloyal to our spouses, kill an ant, or eat beef (Buddha’s rule: no eating beef because the cow is a sacred animal). Eating beef carries 2 negative karmic points for every 1 pound or 450 grams of beef. What that will do to you is give you pain in some physical form like a bodyache, a headache, swelling, or even gout. More than that, the karmic points can accumulate into a big problem like kidney failure.

Some foods which bring about good karma are all vegetables, rice and grain, nuts, beans, cheese, tofu, apples, pears, bananas and more. Most Yin energy foods like the above are water-based and bring about good karma. However, Yang foods like fried chicken (-1 karmic point), grilled beef (-2 karmic points), pork (-1 karmic point), give you bad karma. The only meat that is safe from negative karma is Fish. The rest of the meats will give you bad karma. Even the rest of the seafoods will hurt you because the animal really struggles and suffers before it dies.

Why No Beef? Steak is the BEST THING!

For cows, God Indra, was inhabiting all cows for many lifetimes. So when we killed cows, he watched the cows suffer greatly even though they gave milk and cheese, but still lost their lives to meat slaughter. Therefore, Buddha thought, “We must stop the demand for beef by willing our followers to stop eating beef.” Thus, the rule: No Beef. Anyway, it is the heaviest karmic blow of 2 points for 1 steak (450 g). 2 negative karmic points can give you a headache for 10 minutes.

The Karma that Lurks In People

People have good and bad karma as well. Just rubbing them can transfer their Karma to you. So if you want to bless a good friend, pat them on the back. Your karma will transfer to them. This is especially so if you are grateful and pat them in a state of gratitude or appreciation. You might even see them smile as the karma enters them.

Some people have very bad karma, such that when you shake hands with them, you can feel it stick to your palms. If you feel that bad karma is sticking to you, go bathe yourself or wash your hands. Pray to the Gods, Angels, and Buddha that the water you use may be Holy. This Holy Water you wash with will be able to clear bad karma. You can even ask an Angel to bless your drink Holy and you will be drinking Holy Water. To contact an Angel, simply pray at a church. An angel can become your Life Guide. If you are of another religion, pray at your temple, synagogue, mosque, or cathedral.

Lives also have good and bad karma. A rich man has a life of great karma. To be rich requires more than a blessed life. It takes brains, tenacity, talent, and great help. A poor man, on the other hand, is not blessed. But if he works hard, uses his mind, educates well, and makes plenty of talented friends, he can also pull himself up. Even though he might not be as rich as the first man, he will still do well. However, if one has great negative karma, then no matter what you try, it can fail. Let’s say you have great bad karma and you want to make a killing on the stock market, but in the end, you killed your bank account. You tried hard – training in technical analysis, reading stock market indicators and studying trading systems. And after 6 months of training, 3 months of paper trading… you still lost it all. Sad? Karma attracts this situation to you. You had no choice but to lose.

How can you avoid situations like this? You can pray to your Guardian Spirits not to lead you into situations like this. But they will probably say it is your life lesson. Sometimes life teaches you hard lessons like these. There is no way out, but only to learn from the higher lesson that this experience brings. For example, in a stock market crash, don’t trade. But for a higher lesson, it could be: Don’t trust in methods that promise easy money. Or don’t be so greedy for money such that you look to get rich quick.

How To Get More Good Karma?

Good karma is good. But it is not free. You have to do more good deeds to get good karma. Help a friend in need. Give things away to charity. Abstain from killing an animal. Buy a meal for a beggar. Resist sexual misconduct yourself and encourage a friend to be loyal to his wife. Speak kind and good words to others always. Resist scolding, cursing, and getting angry with others. Every time you do a good deed like this, you get good karma. This good karma is a reward for your good actions. Enjoy your rewards.

Being good is the key to a good life. You know this. But if you want to be bad and still have a good life, it is possible. But you will have to pay back in the end. Your soul will be put through another harrowing experience in future because of your accumulated bad karma. Life is not kind to bad people. It is good to good people.

What you need to know is that loving everything and everyone in life is the way to a better life. There is no substitute for being good. Good life is something earned. It cannot be won by fighting over, you have to earn it.

There are many things which consist of Good Deeds, but what you must know is that Goodness is from within. If you are good on the inside, all the goodness will flow out from you and into the world around you. How do you become good from within? You cultivate it into yourself. Methods like meditation, repentance, seeking refuge, prayer, volunteering, doing good deeds etc.

Clearing Karma

Karma is something fixed. You can’t adjust it. However, you can offset it. This is done by using your Good deeds to offset your Bad deeds. You can pray to the Gods to get this done. Or your Guardian Spirits can ask the Gods in charge for it.

Repenting and doing more good deeds is the other way to clear karma. There is no other way to clear karma. Only thing you need to know is that you must repent and correct yourself to a better way of life. That is what karma wants – to be your teacher. Your teacher cares for you and designs the future lessons in your life for you.

Examining Karma

It is possible to examine the karma of your past life with the skilled intervention of an Angel Reader. Many times the problems we face are because of some kind of karmic action. A skilled Angel Reader like Halabuth can see these Karmic interactions and tell you why you are going through what you are experiencing in the current moment and how it is linked to your immediate past or past lives. Halabuth is a True Psychic, which means he has the ability to know your innermost karma. This gives him the ability to read a person’s life like a book.

Love and Light,


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