The Spiritual Gift Of Peace For Valentines

By Shannon: Valentine’s day is a very busy time with work and home or life just going on and gift choosing becomes forefront on your mind. The giving of gifts is an important part of life this enhance time of year, but what about other gifts you can give from the heart and soul.

The other gifts and how to give them.

Time is a gift
Giving a gift of your time to help loved ones or friends and family making time out of your busy day to sit calmly or take someone where they need to go, offering your time up to someone who is running out of time to pick up groceries or gifts themselves.


Time is a very big gift as you make the time for others and its spiritually
connected to your own soul path to help others in need.

Offering someone your calm self, your kind self at your best and showing them how to do the same. Offering the world your best side your soul wants to show caring and selflessness to the world so offering this up is a gift to others around.

Calmly sitting with someone or talking to them and helping them release the stress in their lives for a few minutes in a busy day and helping them gather their thoughts and arrange their day so that it’s easier for them to do the things they need to do. Even 10 minutes a day of just breathing in the universal energy can help with this calm state.

Giving a part of your soul to someone, caring deeply and knowing that they belong around you and letting them feel this sense of belonging in your life can be the greatest gift this Valentine’s Day. Letting them know you want them in your life and that u care about their soul path and their wants for a better life with you. Discussing and joining the two paths as one this Valentine’s day and letting them feel the source of your love and the energy from your soul.

Stilling your mind of your own thoughts and sitting with or even just listening through a phone call, hearing someone’s full story and trying to understand from in their mind how they are truly thinking and feeling is a very kind caring and a very important gift you can give to someone. Trying to really understand what they are trying to say as some people struggle to get the words out this is a loving gesture for Valentine’s Day, Someone feeling your really hearing their story can help enhance the communication and relationship between you.

Also, you can give a gift a kind, loving romantic gift to show someone you truly do care aside from all the gifts of time and soul caring I have mentioned, but giving a gift is up to you, all the gifts of time I have mentioned can show someone you truly care.


Love  and Light,


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