The Significance Of Our Birthdays

By Edwina: Happy Birthday! What is the significance?.. and should it matter? As we grow with age, whether we realize it or not, we tend to subject ourselves to self-ridicule over past decisions and actions leading to a final judgment we feel we could not control. Similarly, the beginning of a new year causes us to focus on the past. It is a transition which presents us with an opportunity to start anew. During the Medieval era, it is written, knights in arms would take the “peacock vow” at the end of the Christmas season. The vow symbolizes re-affirmation of duty to chivalry. Perhaps our annual traditions for celebration are equally for re-affirmation of our own identity and morality.

1edwina2 Beyond the circus of life on Earth, we look to the stars. The perplexing mystery of the cosmos and universe. Astrologers believe we are intricately connected to the positioning of the heavenly bodies above, like cogs in a watch; every motion impacting one another into a life of causality. Cultures such as the Maya, Indians and Chinese have also found significance within astronomical occurrences. Over the centuries, systems like the zodiac for divining the past, present and future have evolved. The majority of the scientific community frown upon this subject. They tend to refer to it as pseudoscience, yet the popularity and use of star/planetary divination cannot be ignored, and so, the debate continues.

Let me share with you how I like to work when giving a psychic reading. Those who choose to contact me will know, I sometimes ask for dates of birth and if there is a person in question, their date of birth too. I am not an astrologer, but I do believe in astrology and I read much on the subject. So why ask for your date of birth? Well, for me, it allows me to extract a reference point of coordinates from where I am able to tune into your energies and those around you to give a full psychic reading. I cannot put it into words precisely how this works, other than it is a ‘knowingness’ which channels through me, opening my energies to yours. Therefore, I believe there is an abundance of knowledge to draw from someone’s date of birth. Whether it is due to our own energies and thought patterns being heightened on our Birthday, with past reflection of life playing a part, or whether the stars above influencing our life story I cannot say. I guess that is the beauty of mystery, the unknown is like a present waiting to be unwrapped.




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