The Seven Heavenly Bodies Within You

By Edwina: We are all aware of our physical internal body organs and what part they play in keeping us alive and functional. The heart; which pumps blood around the body, the stomach; used for the digestion of food but what if there was another layer to our bodies? A hidden layer with its own system, just as integral to our day to day health and vitality. Knowledge behind this esoteric system was once almost lost yet it has endured, with its practices and belief systems in existence today. So how can we learn to harness this sacred knowledge for self-betterment? Can we enhance and strengthen this hidden layer like our physical body? And do we have to travel up a remote mountain and meditate for weeks on end without food of water to activate such latent power or is it just as easy as accessing our favorite song playlists?

edwina03 Derived from the word meaning ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, the Chakra’s are like our non-physical vortices spinning and exchanging energy back and forth. There are many cultural beliefs surrounding the Chakras and many share much in common with one another. The similarities are so coherent with one another, it has been speculated this knowledge filtered down through the world from a very old ancient culture before history became history! In today’s world, we are taught and we learn, how our physical bodies and their functionality are directly impacted by outside stimulus. If you eat well and participate in regular exercise, you are more than likely to be a healthy individual whereas if you do not take part in any of the latter, you may be taking a gamble with longevity. The same can be said about your Chakras and just like a variety of sports and diets to choose from, you also have a variety of methods we can utilize to balance and empower our seven heavenly bodies.

* Yoga.

* Kundalini Medation.

* Qigong.

* Ayurveda.

* Vibrational Frequencies

When the practitioner delves deeper into Yoga, beyond the mastering movements and postures, the relevance of breath control becomes crucial in the pursuit of Chakra balancing. There are many styles of Yoga; Hatha Yoga is one example which explores the avenue of our non-physical energies through breath control. One such energy is known as Kundalini which exists in all of us (dormant in most people). Also through meditations and pranayama breathing, this latent power is said to be awoken, bringing forth new strength and spiritual enlightenment! (Kundalini will be worth a blog post, coming soon). Qigong from China also utilizes postures, movements and breath for the purpose of health prosperity. Ayurveda approach to promoting Chakra vitality, is based on lifestyle choices. It includes principles of breathing and meditation but also explores personal dietary plan for balance and vitality, designed for you and your body type. The system involves identifying what it is your mind and body needs and what it does not. Even sleep is taken into consideration.

Vibrational frequency is a method of Chakra healing which dates back to the dawn of the universe! To understand this approach is to acknowledge all things vibrate. Even the Universe is in a constant motion and therefore vibrating. This constant vibration works at different speeds of frequency and it is believed these frequencies can help or hinder our physical/non-physical bodies. This was a subject Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds who contributed hugely to the 20th century, believed in (known for being a highly regarded inventor and physicist who pioneered modern alternating current electric supply). In his own words he once said;

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
-Nikola Tesla.

There are a great many more methods one can pursue, Reiki is one such example and since I am a Reiki Master, it is also a service I can offer to my clients. If all these examples I have shared feel too much like a commitment you don’t have time for, fear not! I will impart you with my blessings and a simple exercise designed to help balance your Chakras in 5 minutes. Followed and performed regularly; you may find yourself feeling new vitality in your life, so please enjoy.

Chakra balancing guide:

Lie back, relax
Place your hands (palms down) onto your central body, on one of your Chakra positions, where you feel its needed.

Chakra names & positions                      Affiliated Colour
1. Muladhara – Lower pelvis-                              Red
2. Swadhisthana – Stomach-                              Orange
3. Manipura – Solar Plexus-                                Yellow
4. Anahata – Heart-                                             Green
5. Vishuddha – Throat-                                        Blue
6. Ajna – Forehead-                                              Violet
7. Sahasrara – Crown/top of head-                     White

Close your eyes, and breath in through your nose and gently out through your mouth, lips gently closed and making an ‘ahhh’ sound from the back of your throat .
On each breath in, feel your whole body expand, letting the breath relax you. On each breath out, relax in complete comfort from head to toe, with each muscle, each joint and even your eyelids resting soundly.

When you feel comfortable and relaxed, repeat this exercise.
Remember to breath in deeply through your nose and feel your whole chest fill with air.
Imagine this sensation filling each of your Chakras, one by one as the breath is drawn down with new balancing energy.

When you are ready, exhale the breath through the mouth, pushing out from your diaphragm and focusing on any excessive energy leaving your Chakra (some refer to this energy as negative, opposed to excessive. But in my practice I prefer not place or label any energy as negative within our bodies).
As the final breath leaves the mouth, gently let out a sigh of release with the sound of ‘ahhh’ once again.

While doing this imagine colour going in to which ever Chakra your hands are placed upon and ask for healing.

It is entirely up to you how many times you wish to perform this routine but if any discomfort is felt, stop immediately.
When you do complete your session, always finish by asking for grounding so your Chakras can close down properly.
Otherwise you could be leaking vital energy all day and wondering why you feel so tired.

Hopefully you will find this as easy as accessing your favourite song playlist and perhaps it will sound new vitality in your life! For information on this subject of the seven heavenly bodies or any of the other subjects I have touched on, you are welcome to get in contact to learn more.




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