The Search For Inner Self And Love

By Edwina: People are constantly searching for ways to express themselves and tell their stories. Social media is flooded daily with examples of our friends and family sharing their latest escapades. Apart from our basic need for air, water, food and human connection, there is also a desire to understand our emotions and ideas as we go through life. Snapping selfies, shooting videos and uploading, is one way in which we choose to define ourselves in the eyes of others.

As the onlooker, it can be inspiring seeing what our friends are up to but on a personal level it is not really telling us anything about what we are feeling inside. Its like we are missing something in our lives. We want to discover a code of some kind which will translate our unspoken feelings and states of being. Like a map or set of symbols that can demystify our human experience, if the answers we are searching for were so easily documented for observation, then perhaps we would understand why some things/people impact us, why we have certain habits or how we can make better choices in love.

This may seem out of reach for most of us but what if it’s actually closer than we think?


It’s a deeply rooted human quality, to desire and comprehend what we’re feeling. This ongoing fascination with the inner self might explain why some of us turn to spirituality, search out love or express ourselves through creative endeavors. Perhaps this is more common in those of us who are more right brain focused and in the habit of injecting feelings and experiences into different exterior mediums. Regardless though, finding a way to gain a snapshot which reveals our personal, emotional and mental state, as well as unconscious energies and influences from the past and the future; is certainly something most would be excited about discovering and experiencing.

In doing so, perhaps we would attain insight into why we keep falling into familiar relationships, unable to break certain cycles and understand the inevitable need for change in our lives. The ‘search’ is inescapable and the pursuit will ‘captivate’ and though everyone’s journey is different, so is true of how we will gain the answers. With this in mind, the following will outline three different ways in which our lives can possibly be changed and help define who we are in that moment of time.

1) Auric Photo

Aura photography is a technique for capturing a person’s aura into the physical world. It requires special equipment, which allows the electromagnetic energy surrounding a person’s body to be caught on camera. Aura photography captures the aura of a person in a beautiful array of colors. These colors can then be interpreted to describe the subjects state of being. It is something I have personally experienced and without going into too much detail, the interpretation confirmed a lot of what I had suspected. In my line of work, it is the aura where I keenly focus on and therefore feel I can vouch for the authenticity of this method. In this day and age, obviously there are apps you can download onto your phone which profess to offer the same results. Though it is not a method I have tried, I do feel it perhaps would not provide the same results as a professional who utilizes special equipment necessary for the capture. Either way, its one option where we can share it with our friends and family on social media if we choose to.

2) The Tarot

It is said the 78 cards of the Tarot posses secret knowledge hidden in the symbols present on each card. Nothing is left out, even the numbering has a purpose and allocated specifically. It is indeed a huge topic which cannot be summed up in a paragraph easily! Yet it may be that the Tarot has something to offer us all and therefore must be acknowledged, if only briefly. The main thing to keep in mind is; the Tarot can be structured around human life and experience. There are many of us who seek out Tarot readers for validation and future predictions but really the Tarot has more to offer. Those who decide to properly learn the Tarot for themselves, open the door to self realization. Put simply, if you’re not ready to handle the truth of you are, then you will never succeed in learning the Tarot! There are many books on the subject, of recent one which comes to mind, and I would recommend, is ‘Tarot of the Spirit’ by Pamela Eakins. There is a an accompanying Tarot deck which she created, with the help of artist Joyce Eakins and is deeply routed in the Qabalistic Tree of Life (which personally I feel Tarot leans heavily on within its proper method of use).

3) Reiki

Sometimes I meet clients who are going through a form of change in their lives. Sometimes it is a situation out of their control, such as breaking up with a lover, and other times it can involve the client making a conscious choice to move on, perhaps in work and money. As a Reiki Master, it is important I share my energy healing with those clients who are going through a form of transition. Reiki, if you aware not aware, is over a hundred years old and is a beautiful hands-on healing art from Japan (though long distance healing is also part of the practice and is highly effective). Though some may argue it is pseudoscience, it is needles to say; helped millions lives all over the world. Personally for me, it changed my life and re-examine my whole perspective on life. It was a poignant time in my life, especially since I was introduced to Reiki while lying in a bed in a hospice. Since then, and recovery, I have changed profession, married and become awakened to my Spirit Guides. All of which is thanks to Reiki opening me up to my non-physical body. Remember; true expression comes from the heart. To understand the human experience fully, we must connect to something greater than ourselves. We all have Spirit Guides and we can call upon them. Even if we can not see, hear or feel them, they are there and working for our greater good.

If you would like to find your snapshot of your unconscious energies but do not feel the suggested ideas above are for you, then get in contact with me today. I work with the aura and can connect to you or your lover. Once the connection is established, I will able to help unravel where the blockages are and clear them. There is no reason why we all you cannot have the things we want but first we must make the first move. I offer psychic readings, long distance Reiki healing and relationship advice.
My name is Edwina and wish you all the love in the World.



Love and Light,


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