The Relationship Garden

If we look at relationships like a garden then we can really begin to understand what investment it takes to sustain it and help it flourish.
A garden has the foundation of the Earth with the surface being very varied, versatile and sometimes with some changes needing to be made. Some land has little undulations and valleys, some is flat.

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The Earth has lots of variety of landscapes to choose from. There are deserts, lakes, islands, rainforest and mountainous terrain. In some places underfoot is sandy, wet, rocky, soft, hard, thorny and there are also lush and comfortable environments.

The Earth we walk on is as varied as the people living on it. I am making the connection between the different landscapes of a garden in comparison to the variety of personalities we can meet. All over the world there are different ways of creating beauty in a garden and varied landscapes can come together to provide a beautiful environment for growth.

Just as there are various ways and places to meet a partner and to have those relationships flourish. Let’s not limit ourselves to the possibilities we can create in our garden.

Each person comes from their own family of origin, place of origin and are influenced by their life experiences, express independent ideas, experience emotions uniquely and built their strengths as they travel through their life . When two people come together with all their own elements it is important to have time to get to know each other’s landscape just as you would prepare land to build a garden.

When planning a garden you watch, listen, observe and take notes of all the elements and how they interweave with each other and when the optimal time to begin your garden you carefully and lovingly select the plants. When developing a relationship it is important to hear one another, to get to know each other, to listen to each other’s dreams and aspirations and most of all to find the synergy and interweaving that happens between two people. Then it is the right time to move forward in your relationship. You know intuitively what elements you will need to make your garden fertile and allow for the best conditions to sustain a beautiful, blossoming garden.

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In a relationship each person has their personal celebrations, family events, community attachments friendship rituals and belief systems which are timed and organised to ensure a person is fully rounded. A new partner may be an active participant in the local and global community, support others and build friendships often and easily. You may also be looking for someone who can include their partner, is confident, easily shows their connection to their loved ones and someone who is reliable, honest, a positive communicator and present with you and others.

We all bring our own experiences, beliefs and values to join with another person’s or we find ways to navigate the differences and together we begin to share our individual lives at a common point where all individuals are respected and appreciated. In the garden, this is where different environments meet and over time you see a synergy evolve and develop.

The synergy is the blossoming interdependence where once two separate areas grew side by side they now begin to intertwine and modify ever so slightly to accommodate something new. Here is a new relationship beginning to grow and evolve, each individual remaining independent yet coming together in a new adventure of love and belonging. Watch for the growth and blooms in your garden.


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