The Passion, Pleasure and Purrrrrr

Passion … the word alone ripples off the tongue and creates vivid imagery. Being passionate with your lover is an essential ingredient to keeping the love growing and flowing for years to come. Men and women are very different creatures but both respond to that intense animal instinct which ignites even more romance and sparks greater imagination. The longer you are coupled with someone the more the romance risks dying but passion is food for the body and the fire down below.

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What many don’t know is that passion and sexuality begin in the mind first, the brain and the imagination are key. The genesis of great lovemaking is the nuance and the sensuality is the honey that raises the attention of your intended. The slow, light touch on the cheek or the on the back of the neck, moving in ever so close where lips almost touch but don’t, a carefully placed whisper in a sensual low tone, these are nuances which ignite the wanton flames. You see the brain and body respond to anticipation and the slower the feed, the better. The longer it takes, the more heightened the experience. Use your imagination and get creative. A body drenched in oils and pleasant aromas is a powerful aphrodisiac. You can feed each other sensually, you can employ safe bondage and blindfolds, toys and vibrators and you can even delve into tantric sex. Tantra is the exchange of sexual energy without ever touching your intended. There are some great books on the practice of Tantra if you are interested. Remember to keep it interesting and be open to new sensual experiences but always practice safe sex and be careful who you engage with. In sexual experiences trust is a key component of a safe and fulfilling sexual interlude.

Sexuality heightens chemicals in the body which also drive the experience. Did you know that love and romance trigger the “happy chemicals” of the brain?

They are:

Serotonin which is essential for overall well-being and a restful night’s sleep and Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, involved in the transmission of nerve impulse;

Endorphins are the brains painkiller and are three times more potent than Morphine;

Dopamine makes people more talkative and excitable. It affects brain processes that control movement, emotional response, and ability to experience pleasure and pain.

Oxytocin is the love hormone/neurotransmitter which is responsible for relaxation, trust and psychological stability, pro-social behaviors and emotional responses. It is also know as the hug hormones since it is associated with feel good experiences.

These happy brain chemicals trigger emotional reactions to your love interest and are paramount to a powerful romantic interlude. If you want a great sex life, keep your emotions healthy and your body functioning optimally. Good nutrition, meditation, yoga or Thai Chi, plenty of sleep, exercise and living as stress free as possible will not only add to your sexuality but will optimize every area of your life.

The importance of who you take into your bed and body cannot be emphasized enough. Since sexuality begins in the mind, you need to have a real connection with the person you intend to sleep with IF you want a fulfilling encounter. Taking a stranger into your bed is not only dangerous but it is usually not very satisfying.

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Take small steps, don’t give it all away on the first or even third date. Take your time and get to know the person you are interested in. A person will show you who they are generally after the fourth date if they have not gotten all of you beforehand. Hand holding, staring romantically into each other’s eyes, a kiss on the cheek or forehead, a hand gentle placed on the inner thigh with a firm squeeze while watching a movie will send your mate into space. When the big event finally happens it is electric after such baited anticipation.

Make it count, make a lasting memory and not a temporary fill. Not only will you love and respect yourself more by using discernment in who you choose as a lover but you will have a far more satisfying love life! Here’s to great, passionate love-making!

Happy mating! ☺


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