The Mind Matrix

By Edwina: There is an energy starting to manifest around us all at the start of the year, and therefore, now is a good time for transformation. If you want to be directed in a positive way during this time, then you have to take hold of your emotions and take control. It is certainly hard to change your emotions, but why is this?

edwina03 Well, this is how it goes; what we are experiencing at the moment is probably not where we want to be and that may cover almost all of us. So how do we get to where we want to be when we can’t see how to get there? We all have our own minds and it can be our best friend or worst enemy. It can keep us in the present moment, but can wander to past memories/experiences and future possibilities. This can trigger emotional unease as well as joy and laughter. The trick is to trick the mind itself.

In a heightened state of emotion, our instinctive reaction is flight or fight, but either path we take, is strongly influenced by our emotions. The key for overcoming a ‘brash decision’ is to fool our minds into a state of calm. So how do we do that? First, we must acknowledge that our minds relay information to the subconscious and our subconscious relays to our emotions. Therefore, emotions tend to direct our lives. One of the ways to help to overcome this is to meditate. Meditation is a gift and a tool we can all benefit from, it calms the mind, allowing the subconscious to accept new situations, heightened or not, and so we begin to relax and see things with a clearer perspective.
So it all sounds so easy, but how many can comfortably say we stick to our convictions. It takes time to reprogram our minds, providing we are vigilant, that’s the hard part. I myself find it very hard to meditate so I do use the internet to help me. YouTube is a great place for learning new skills and is great for guided meditations. There are a lot of good ones out there, but it does take time for results to flourish and therefore it may not always work straight away. Try to commit to it a little at a time and get in contact if you would like some great links. I also offer my guidance if you would you like to know more about how to overcome bad habit and negative thought patterns .

I work with energy and there is an energy that holds on to us stopping and blocking our way forwards. I have the tools to free from this and also to show you your way forward, let me explain more. The mind sees with the eyes, the subconscious works with the information from the mind and that information is then being is sent to the subconscious, and then to the emotions, so what we need to do is to relay new information to the subconscious almost tricking it into believing a new story one that we want to happen. We can give mixed, confusing thoughts so what is needed is clear thoughts, when we are blocked and not clear in what we see and think we then send the wrong information to the subconscious and the subconscious acts on this information ,the subconscious hasn’t got eyes so goes blindly with what is relayed to it from the mind. It’s our emotions that direct us in the right way so it’s important to get the right message to them and this is hard when all is not right with us, but it can be changed automatically or be reprogrammed and this is attainable.


Love and Light,


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