The Hunter’s Moon – Aiming For Love This October

By Edwina: With the end of September and Summer drawn to a close, we now find ourselves in October; where annual festivities are looming ever closer! While this should perhaps be a quiet month, our lunar friend above, may have other plans for us all. Commonly known as the Harvest Moon (for reasons of farmers reaping their crops), the Hunter’s Moon owes its name to the native American people. This would have been the season for stocking up on food before Winter fell and therefore hunting was at the forefront of priorities to ensure survival. Astrologically, the moon finds itself in the ‘house’ of Aries. But what does this mean for you and should you even care?

1edwina2 Well, many astrologers are forecasting a new phase of decisions no longer allowed to be put on a back-burner! This could cause emotional frailty for some and empowerment for others, depending on what side of the coin you fall. Regardless, it is a phase in which to be cautioned; you must take action now, for that which you have seeded in the past is coming into fruition and ready for harvest. Do not waste time, claim what is yours or what it is you want. Therefore the hunt is on and this could involve pursuing new love or breaking away from toxic relationships.

At the beginning of the month, using the Tarot, I pulled a single card for insight on what we should all expect this October; the Ten of Wands presented itself. Its overall meaning implies cutting loose ties which no longer serve a purpose other than weighing us down. This is equally re-emphasized by Aries influence. The Wands suit are all about passion, as is Aries fire! You may therefore feel an impulsive nature taking over you, but you still have the choice or decision as to whether you embrace it. Be certain, though, there is a release being asked of you by the cosmos. Like the Archer with a poised bow, the arrow rests on a strained string set for release. The question to ask yourself is; will you release or withdraw, is your aim true or target false,? For good or bad this is where your emotions lye, at a cross-roads of possibility. Either way I do hope, which ever road you choose, it is chosen out of love and not out of fear.


Love and Light,


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