The “He’s Just Not That Into You” Playbook

By Isabella: So ladies, you feel frustrated and neglected because you made plans and he cancelled after you spent money you didn’t have on all the elements for the perfect romantic dinner. I get it. Most of us have been there at least once in our lifetime and most of us missed the signs that he was just not that into us.

isabella3 With men being the consummate catch and release fishermen, trying to figure them out would require more than your lifespan will allow. So take it from this wise ole’ sage, here are a few tips to help you tune into who is genuine and who is just playing you like a fiddle.

1. Does he come in and out of your life without any consistency?

2. Does he tell you he is going to do something then doesn’t do it?

3. When you are out on a date does he look around at other women?

4. Does he look at his phone while you are talking to him?

5. Does he make excuses when you say you want to meet his friends or family?

6. Does he become more excited when it’s time for sex and less excited about your day?

7. Does he make love to you or does he just bang you…there is a difference?

8. Does he text you right back?

9. Does he make eye contact during an argument?

10. Can you really feel the love or is it fleeting, does it come and go during peak times?

11. Is he very protective of his phone or computer? Does he ever leave either laying in plain sight?

While men can be very shady and are rarely taught to be forthright or share their feelings, many times the woman is the one who lacks communicative skills.

Women often are over suspicious and have unrealistic expectations of how a man is supposed to navigate the waves of her emotions and unhealed wounds from past relationships. Many women hurl all that baggage at their newly intended, only to wonder why he runs away or play games.

I am not implying that women are to blame for a man’s bad behavior, however the laws of attraction are clear; we attract what we are. If you are hurt, wounded, bitter, jealous, suspicious, controlling or other, you will attract either a mate who is those things or one who will trigger those unsavory elements within you.

The key to a healthy relationship is to pay attention to your gut feelings, stop trying to make a relationship happen and when you find flaws in another person you just can’t live with, walk away. Don’t try to “fix” your lover because 99% of the time you will come up on the short end of the relationship stick. A happy life is a relationship without strife.


Wishing you quality love that lasts a lifetime,


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