The Healing Power Of Colour

By Edwina: In Reiki, we focus on the vibration energy, and we tune in to life force to heal. I also recommend using color therapy to improve the area of lacking. Below you will find a list of colors, each with a frequency and a vibration to it, that attracts the qualities listed. After you can read them through, focus on the qualities you want to attract to your life. For example, red candles is you want to get to enhance passion. If you want to attract wealth, then I suggest a green charm or green colored gems like emerald, or tourmaline. Here are the colors and what their vibrations attract:

Red: Energy, Passion, Stimulation, Lust, Protection, Aggression, Warrior qualities

edwina03 Red-Orange: Intense healing energy

Orange: Strong healing, strength, willpower, mental clarity, memory, logic, knowledge

Gold: Wealth, Health

Yellow: Communication, Logic, Thoughts, Spirituality

Green: Healing, Love, Growth, Life, Prosperity, Fertility, Money Turquoise: Higher Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Divinity, Balance

Blue: Peace, Prosperity, Spirituality, Dreams, Spirit Healing

Pink: Love, Happiness, Romance

Indigo: Psychic energy, Visualization, opening the senses

Purple: Spirituality, Tranquility Balance

Violet: Cleansing, Neutralization Balance, Psychic power, divinity

White: Healing, Love, Connection to all, banishing, protection

Black: Grounding, Meditation, Mystery

Brown: Healing, Grounding, Healing animals, Stability

Rust: Removing unwanted energies, Releasing, Cleansing

Silver: Emotional Healing (moonlight is especially important to emotional healing and attachments), fertility, psychic powers

Colors are needed in our everyday life, it is also a big help to heal and cure. There is even a method of treatment called Chromotherapy (also called as Colorology, Color Therapy, Cromatherapy) that uses Colors to cure diseases and has been succesful over the years as early as Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, China and Greece. It has been used for curing diseases from Brain and Nerves up to Lower part of the body, from external parts to internal organs.

It was also in the Early 19th Century, when Edwin Dwight Babbit (Pioneer of Modern Chromotherapy) conducted experiments and invented a lot of device in line with Chromotherapy and is a big help in modern day Medicine. This indicates that healing using colours has been used and practiced years ago and has been a great help in out daily life. Colour is not just a visual description, but can also be a “Prescription”.

Thank you for Reading my article!


Love and Peace,


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