The Full Wolf Moon – Native American Moon Horoscope

By Edwina: Happy new year everyone and welcome to January 2017. Some of you will have New Year’s resolutions, hopes and wishes for the near future. While we draw closer to the end of one season and the beginning of another, the Moon starts its cycle in 2017. Many cultures have used the Moon at some point in their history, usually in farming. In early Colonial times, the Full Moon of January was called the Full Wolf Moon. They believed; when this Moon appeared wolves would howl with hunger, outside the villages. Aooooooo!

edwina03 Regarded as part of their Native American Ancient folklore, the American Indians forecasted names and meanings to the annual shapes and positions of the Moon in the night sky. Back then there was no way to record time for the American Indians. Months of the Gregorian calendar were not used, instead the early tribes learned to track time by calculating the seasons and lunar months through observation. One of these Moons resides on January 12th and is known as the Wolf Moon.

Aptly labelled the Wolf Moon describes the howling of winter starved wolves roaming outside villages during this full Moon. Though not the most alluring of situations to be in, the Wolf Moon also shares meaning we can all gain from. Man/woman versus him/herself, at a time of struggle, near to the end of the winter the Native Americans would be getting low on food as they waited for new Spring. The message being addressed here is; now is the time to connect with a group of people, friends or family, maybe a new group of people. Find strength in helping your neighbour. Now is not a time to be a lone wolf, cast out your net and you might be surprised to find there’s one more winters’ feast to be had.


Love and Light,


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