The five of pentacles and the power of focusing on abundance

One of my favorite cards of advice is the Five of Pentacles. It’s a card that most certainly is not that pretty, depicting a grim scenario, and can signify ill health, rejection, economic setbacks, as most cards have a lot of different meanings, but when I pull it, it is typically done as a reminder to tell my clients that they need to shift their focus toward positive thinking again, that they are focusing too much on lack, which will attract more of the same.

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I know some people think that if they are constantly thinking positively, they are being naïve, or too much of an idealist and not being realistic enough about life, so I’m going to change the words I’m using here from it being “positive” thinking, to “proactive abundant” thinking, because that’s really what is being discussed.

The more you ask questions of “will I ever find love?” or “will I ever find a job” or “Is so and so going to cheat on me” etc etc etc, you are not only giving your power away from the situation, but acting from a sense of insecurity and lack of self worth and a lack of faith. Think of how differently you feel when you ask the questions “What can I do to find love?” “What can I do to find the job I want?” or telling youself “I’m going to find someone who is faithful and loves me for me.”Th e energy is different, it puts you in the driver’s seat. Add a little trust in the universe, and you are on a higher more proactive path and thus attracting those kinds of scenarios to help get you where you want to be.

Now as with most things involving change,it takes work to change your thoughts. Sometimes “Fake it til you make it” kind of work. I have not always been someone who thinks proactively. And I still have those moments, when I get caught up in negative cycles, but the more you want to get better, the more work you do to change it, when you find yourselves in your lowest moments, you are able to say “WHOA THERE BUDDY! STEP BACK AND BREATHE AND THINK WHAT YOU WANT BEYOND THIS SITUATION.” Again, this takes work. And to get metaphysical on you even further, the more you put out the intention that you want to continue moving forward in whatever in a healthier capacity, the universe will listen to that and help throw you a life raft.

Note that sometimes these life rafts don’t look exactly like what you want them to. I have a late appreciation for the TV show The West Wing. There is this great scene between the President of the United States and a priest. The priest tells him a story about this guy in a village that has been flooded. The guy asked God that he be saved, and he had the faith that God would save him from drowning. So when someone showed up with a boat and said “Sir, I can help you, get on” the guy kind of shrugs him off and says that God will save him. Again, a helicopter comes by, and says “I can help you, you have to leave or you’re going to drown.” The guy again, shrugs it off and says God will save him. Sure enough, the guy drowns, and when he reaches the gates of Heaven, he demands to speak to God. When God comes out, the man says “What is the deal!? I had faith you’d save me!” And God essentially tells him “I sent a man in a boat, and a helicopter. What more could you want?” See what I mean?

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So what I’m trying to remind you here is if you are feeling tight in your chest, or that there is no way out, or that you are worried about something happening that might not happen at all, or wondering why you aren’t getting someone or something you want, step back and breathe. Ask yourself how you can move forward. Ask yourself what will make you feel the most empowered. Ask what you can do for you, not put the focus on things out of your control. And have faith that the things that aren’t working out no matter how hard you try, are probably not working out, because you are meant to do something greater. Recognize when you are coming from a sense of fear, or insecurity, and tell yourself you will find a way out. Do your best to eliminate negative words, and replace them with words that have more of a proactive charge to them. Don’t say “I’m worried,”say“ I’m trying to figure out” etc . When you have a broken heart, instead of saying “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this ”say“ I am going to get through this” or “I will get the help that I need”…whatever makes sense. Again, even if you don’t feel that way, say it until you start seeing the change. With an accumulation of small steps, comes large change.

Also, look at the things you do have and cultivate an appreciation for that. The more you do that, the more you attract abundance in your life.

Remember. Step back and breathe. Think above and beyond.

Also, some good resources for help: Anything by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. Guided meditations on Youtube for abundance (sometimes I have to search around until I find the right soothing voice). Mastery of Love by Miguel Ruiz. The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz.

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