The Festival Of Love

By Edwina: Gifts of flowers and chocolates, images of roses and hearts; all married together and Valentines day springs to mind. It is a day for quality time with our spouses. A day full of surprise and wonder for some, and also a reminder of absent couplehood for others. It is a day in the calendar which is believed to have existed since the 6th century B.C! Regardless of how we will spend our February 14th, here are some interesting facts you might not know..

Roses are red..

1edwina2 A symbol of passion and love, the color ‘red’ implies our physical desires and sacrifice in life. Interestingly, historians speculate, Valentine’s day actually derived from an ancient pagan festival, held in Rome, which was called Lupercalia. The main purpose of this festival was to ward off evil spirits through blood sacrifice of animals, promote coupling and perform ritualistic sexual acts. By doing so, it was hoped infertility could be averted, which in most cases, not surprisingly, it probably was! Simpler times perhaps, yet in today’s world, there is somewhat more decorum. Obviously, most of us identify this day with Saint Valentine of Rome, who was imprisoned and executed for performing weddings for soldiers, forbidden from doing so. Though this is true, it is poignant it should fall at the same time of year as Lupercalia. It is also worth mentioning, the color ‘red’ is also the color of the base chakra, which relates to the physical world and is also where our reproductive organs are located.

Violets are blue..

Whereas ‘roses are red’ deals with fiery love and physical passion, Violets represent dreams/subconscious and calming emotions. They are also linked with enhancing psychic prowess and seeing the future. The color ‘blue’ is representative the etheric realm and is therefore symbolic of spirituality. Within the chakra system it is aligned with the throat and like the air which passes through, Spirit comes from the Latin word for “breath.” Therefore ‘Violets are blue’ makes reference, in a lot of ways, to our psyche. The word ‘psyche’ itself derives from mythology and is the story of a beautiful princess called; Psyche. In short, Psyche is said have made the goddess Venus jealous and threatened by her beauty. Venus orders her son Cupid to use his arrow and make Psyche fall in love with a monster. But instead, when Cupid sees Psyche, he scratches himself with his arrow, and therefore falls completely and irrevocably in love with her. The story goes on with trials and tribulation (and some consider it to be the inspiration for the later story known as Beauty and Beast) but we can surmise it is a story which goes beyond the physical world and like an arrow; strikes at the heart of finding love not only on the outside but also on the inside..the non-physical.

Finding the balance between two..

This day also deals with opposites, such as physical and non-physical. For some of us are in relationships and others are not. If you are in a relationship, I hope your love shares a good balance of ‘roses of red’ and ‘violets of blue’! By doing so I am sure yours and your partner’s happiness will always prevail. Our challenge, as someone single is to find definition for how we react to this day. Do we make plans with others, perhaps a blind date or personal tradition? Regardless, just remember; this day is full of love! Even if you are single, you can still capitalize on this energy with positive thinking. By doing so, you will be bringing in love into your own life and who knows what’s around the corner!

If you would like to know where your twin flame is, or how you can bring back the spark to your love life? Get in contact with me.


Kind Regards


P.S. Cupids not the only one with arrows!

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