The F.I.L. Of Love

By Edwina: We can all identify with these questions and equally; each can contribute to giving or taking away our identity. If this is true, then surely our whole sense of self can only exist at its highest level, when we are happy. On the flip-side, when we are sad, we doubt ourselves, our purpose in life and others! We can feel lonely and behave in an unhealthy manner, such as over indulgence of temptations. Yet one cannot live without the other and we can only truly treasure the good things we have in our lives if we have experienced the opposite.

1edwina2 “Everything happens for a reason”, a difficult concept to recognize when things have not gone our way, but which can transform into a poignant message given time. Steering all of this is our emotions or emotional state. Accepting this means we understand our emotions are the very foundation of our human capacity to give love, being in love or losing love and by identifying who we are first (finding our identity/happiness), we build a safety net which should catch us if we fall.

So what is the F.I.L. of Love?

Falling in Love?
In loved?
Losing love?

Easier said than done! Some of you may be thinking, and I would agree! Love can take away our sense of self, open us up to a new world full intense emotions and constant thinking. The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the body, yet ironically, it is possibly the weakest when exposed to love. Obviously there are different kinds of love and many have tried to understand, categorize and explain it. Personally though, if you’re trying to define it, you’re not doing it right! For love is but a generalized word which cannot define your full and deepest feelings for another person. There are no magical ingredients for a perfect relationship and nor should there be. We live in an imperfect universe and everything within it follows suit. Within my work, there have been clients who have felt guilty for their feelings they share for another because the other person did not fit in with the expectations of their family. Hiding true feelings will only ever hide a person’s true identity and is rooted in fear of others and not love.

Initially, falling in love is usually another way of saying; there is physical attraction and ‘chemistry’. It is a stage with no script, which can be very overwhelming emotionally and a time where we feel out of control. Being in the present moment is always going to be in your best interests. Do not focus too much on past relationships which failed, this will only close your heart. It is a defensive mechanism but you have to decide whether it is an instinctive gut feeling, telling you something does not add up or your fear of feeling vulnerable. Do not think about the future, it’s too soon. Perhaps things won’t work out, but maybe they will! If you cannot let go of ‘what if’s’ you will only cause pain and potentially suffer unnecessarily. Worry when there is something to worry about and let things grow naturally and healthily. Patience is the key, but again; easier said than done. Love and life are both very delicate.

Both can be taken away from us and cause a spiral downward. If you have lost love, even the simple things can feel impossible. Constant reminders surround a daily routine and perhaps this is why some choose to get away from familiar surroundings. It is during these periods of life we learn who our true friends are. Sometimes we all need someone to lean on and there is no shame in that. Support your friends the same as how you would want to be supported. ‘Moving on’ is a metaphor of life, for eventually, we all have to let go. It is what we do with our time, which is so precious. The rawness of grief and loss is devastatingly life changing and there is no escaping it. All we can do is heal and learn from past events and apply it to present circumstance.

Wherever you are in your love life, remember; no matter how much time has passed by, the lesson never ends and love it self also changes and grows. From romance to commitment, it is what we do in the present moment which is important. Treating others how we want to be treated should always remain a high priority. Therefore, remind yourself of your own personal standards and by doing so, you will maintain self respect and love for yourself. If you have questions, or you desire clarity to answers you have been given by others; call me. I work with my guides to reveal truth behind the heart’s motivation. With all of my clients; you receive support and advice on all levels.


Love and Light,


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