The Essence Of Valentine’s Day

By Lina: In the days around mid-February, in Ancient Rome it was tradition to celebrate the Lupercalia, festivals of archaic roots linked to the cycle of death and rebirth of nature, the subversion of rules and the destruction of order to allow the world and society to purify and be reborn. These festivals were accompanied by various rituals, masquerades, processions, and days in which the servants took the place of the masters and vice versa, with the intention of triggering a process of rebirth by putting the primal chaos into action.

So what is celebrated on Valentine’s Day? The love, the bond, the passion, the birth, the carefree, the desire to enjoy life, the feeling of pleasure, the desire for freedom and also the desire for stability?!


With Valentine’s Day coming, also spring is coming! Days become longer, the sun pops up from the clouds, the air is still fresh enough but not cold and freezing! The approach of spring brings in us a vivacity, a tendency to smile, to love – ourselves, others and everything around us! The positivity of spring makes us look at love with different eyes!

But can you love someone if you don’t first love yourself unconditionally? I really think not! I tried for years in first person to fall in love with someone, to look for that feeling of balance in a man, that happiness that I was missing! Then just one Valentine’s Day a few years ago, I was alone.. I hadn’t looked for someone with whom to share this day at all costs, I hadn’t made plans with anyone, it was me, at home, in good company – MY! – Suddenly, I realized that I didn’t need to fill my life with the love of a man, but I was enough, I was happy in a moment of tranquility with myself. In the hectic everyday life it is very easy to get lost, not to remember who we are, not to feel enough for ourselves!

This is how my journey began, this is how I decided, on that February 14 to LOVE ME! I started with yoga, a practice that for me is the essence of self-love, only in this way did I find my balance and finally I learned to love myself and everything around me!

I then started to use tarots in my everyday life, asking them if I was doing good and what I could have done to make things better. If I was misunderstanding something and what was the best way to approach at this new life, a life starting from MYSELF!

Life presents us with challenges, disappointments and betrayals that sometimes really make us think we can’t do it – but love, love gives us strength, courage and determination!

Love yourself everyday of your life and you will never stop loving!


Love and Light,


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