The Difference In A Karmic Relationship And A Lifelong Partner

By Isabella: So you got all dolled up again, waxing or shaving the forest you grew while waiting on that perfect romantic evening you planned with your special guy or girl. You spent your hard earned paycheck on new lingerie, bought T-bone steaks and potatoes to bake and even ran to the dollar store for some candles and fancy napkins. The air was ripe with anticipation as you, primped, cooked, cleaned and dimmed the lights with romantic love songs playing low on the stereo. It was perfect.

isabella2 Then the phone rings or worse, you get a text or don’t hear from him or her at all. Has this has happened to you and believe me when I tell you, it has happened to all of us, whether you are gay, straight, bisexual or transgender, we have all been there. But did any of us take a moment to notice the signs?

You don’t have to be psychic to see when a relationship is waning, nor do you have to do anything about it if it is. What many don’t understand it that if you are even remotely on a spiritual path, people will come and go from your life. If you are a karma baby, a soul returned to earth to repay karma, you will also find that souls come and go so you can fulfill that purpose.

When you surrender to what you chose in subatomic states of consciousness, you catapult your own growth and move to the next round of love. Recognizing a karmic relationship verses the relationship which is meant to last you the rest of your life is a skill worth procuring.

Karmic relationships have a specific signature, in fact several. They are:

a. Intense or come with extreme emotions; i.e; hot and cold, off and on, back and forth issues, extreme passion, they often provoke feelings of neediness, anger, jealousy, possession and become obsessive.

b. Often the first meeting is contentious; you may like or hate that person immediately for no apparent reason.

c. You are compelled to “over give” buying gifts, spending money on him or her which is excessive or out of character for you. Often this indicates that you “owe” that soul from a previous lifetime encounter.

d. When the break up occurs you may have thoughts of suicide, loss, abandonment, longing or you simply cannot let it go and cannot move on. Karmic relationships are the hardest ones to let go of.

Conversely, a healthy relationship which is meant to be lasting is different in both subtle and obvious ways. The first thing you may notice is a calm core and an even balance of emotions. Beyond that the following elements are good indicators that you have found a lasting love;

a. You feel safe and secure right from the start. A feeling of belonging and definable and gentle warmth settles in.

b. There are rare extremes and the energy of working together for the highest good of both of you takes the lead. You see yourself as a “we” instead of “me,” as a unit instead of individuals.

c. Often there is a feeling of comfortability and you may even feel like there is no fire in the relationship but remember that fire and karma are one in the same. Many describe their lasting love relationship as rather boring or drama free but they are very content without the drama.

d. The connection is solid and the oneness palatable. Even if opposites in personality, the fit is perfect.

When going through a break up or divorce, remember to go with the flow. Fighting for a toxic marriage or relationship rarely works to the advantage of anyone. Allowing the flow of both personal growth and relationship evolution is paramount to creating and attracting the best relationship for you.

If you want to know how to attract your life partner, give me a call, I have been counseling and helping couples succeed at marriage and relationships for 25 years.

Wishing you love beyond the miles and an open heart to discern the highest and best for you.


Love, always love,


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