The Color Of Love

By Edwina: Reach beyond yourself this Valentines Day. Connect with something greater, deeper and wider than any gift bestowed upon you this February 14th. Discovering love is an awakening, but at its very center lies something sacred; the Heart. This Valentines day does not focus on the ‘mirror’ of self reflection. If you are single do not question why?

If you are in a relationship, also do not question why? Instead, open your heart and express yourself on a spiritual level.


Perhaps through yoga or meditation, but either way; our goal is to reach your hearts’ essence; the “Anahata” (The Heart Chakra, a.k.a. Anahata.- (In Sanskrit, Anahata translates to “unhurt, unstruck, and/or unbeaten”.)).

Touched only by ‘love’, a word which expresses something which feels real, can transcend the heart’s boundary. If we are able to unfold the petals of our hearts’ chakra, surely we hold the key to love? But in return we are opened to the compassion for all things. Therefore, if we can learn to accept situations and find ‘the silver lining’, we emulate the very compassion seeded deep within us. Radiating love will also open up our awareness to the truth of things within our lives. We begin to sense the world in a different light where everything is connected in some manner or form. Truth is where the heart lies and with all chakras, there is a corresponding color. One of the more common colors we find around us on this physical plane is green. Over the centuries, this color has certainly been acknowledged and blessed with love in written texts.

strong>Fifty Shades of Green
– Did you know; greens are perceived more easily, by our eyes, than any other color. Why just say “green,” when words permit us to articulate shades so much more bespoke!

Emerald is a beautiful green, holding exquisite depth and precious allure. The gemstone from where its name derives from, was adopted by William Shakespeare in the 1600’s and has stuck since. If you are serious about following the path to self discovery of your own heart, then a good starting point is identifying what shade of green you are. You may wish to do this through deep meditation or more simply through the power of your own imagination! Our imagination is a powerful tool which bridges the gap between the conscious, sub-conscious and etheric.

When you have a quiet moment, lie down, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breath easy. When you feel ready and relaxed, imagine a white piece of paper in front of you. Now imagine yourself, as a child writing in thick green felt tip, the number 4. Observe the shade of green which has been written in front of you. Is it dark? Is it light or in between light and dark? Also, how big or small is your ‘4’?

It is worth noting; green is composed of blue and yellow in equal parts. So if your ‘4’ was light or dark, it is attributed to how much blue or yellow is overcompensating in your heart chakra. Interestingly, your third chakra (directly below the heart chakra) corresponds with the color yellow, and your fifth chakra (directly above the heart chakra) corresponds with blue. Therefore, if your ‘4’ was dark green, you’re not balanced with enough yellow and your third chakra may be weak or blocked (and vice versa if it was a light green). The size of your ‘4’ relates to how open you are. If yours was big, congratulations! But also be aware; we can all be too open, meaning we might be leaking out too much energy which would also mean an imbalance of your chakras. Either way, our goal is to get you on an even keel. When you have time, practice the same exercise again, but ask your inner child to write your ‘4’ with a balanced green, at a sensible size. As mentioned before, our imagination is our most powerful tool and what we imagine for our non-physical is truly administered.

There is so much more I could share on this subject! As well as answers to questions surrounding your love life. If you would like to know more get in contact and remember; when it comes to Valentines and loving another soul… you do not love someone whom you are able to live with. You love the person whom you cannot live without. 1edwina2

Love, Light and Blessings,


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