The Broken Ring

I am always amazed at those who pursue married men or married women. Now I fully understand past lives, the soulmate connection and the need to finish the leftover issues from other incarnations, but those can be worked out without taking it to the dishonest, shady level. Yet time and time again, I receive calls from those who are surprised that their affair with a married person is floundering.

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They are shocked to think that he may be flirting with or seeing other women and vice versa…really? Common sense alone will tell you that if he/she cheats with you he/she will cheat on you! Why is that so hard for some to grasp? The exception to that rule is infinitesimal. With rare exception the man who cheats on the mother of his children or the woman who cheats on the love of her life, will cheat time and time again. It’s a core character flaw which perpetuates the broken ring…the endless relationships damaged and scarred by the lies, deception and betrayal.

Those who engage in cheating are also incurring and building up negative return karma. They do not realize that their participation in the lying and betrayal will return to them and usually when they have finally found the great love of their life. I have encountered many souls who once they find the partner of their dreams, often wind up on the receiving end of a single person, often their best friend, suddenly honing in on their mate. More times than not, the karma returns when it will be the most devastating and painful and that is usually with the person you cherish the most.

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Why venture down that path? If you are a woman, why would you be disloyal to other women? If you are a man why would you take the cowardly way out? Why would you not employ the “Would I want it done to me” rule? Would you? Then don’t do it to someone else. If you are truly meant to be with a certain person it will happen, that is certain. Why not either work out your differences with your partner or simply end the relationship before beginning another one.

Relationships which begin with deception only become mired in more deception as time goes on. It leaves a rank taste of distrust in both partners no matter which one cheated on their previous mate. How can you possibly build a foundation for lasting love when the foundation is sand? Hurting another for something you want not only incurs negative karma but it speaks volumes about you and a severe lack of character.

A great relationship begins with mutual respect, a solid friendship and trust. When those are compromised the end is near. Maintaining a healthy relationship is an art and a dance and the more emotionally mature you are the more you come to value your investment and will not want to throw it away over an impulsive, fleeting moment in time.

Here’s wishing you the healthiest relationship and one that stays centered in loyalty and monogamy.


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