The attraction of self-love

How can we attract love, if we don’t love ourselves first?

How can we trust someone else, when we don’t even trust us?

How can we expect others to give us what we don’t give to ourselves?

How can we spiritualise our relationships and raise our vibration?

And how do we attract our Soul Mate?

It all starts with us.

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We need to be our own Soul Mate. We need to be in relationship with ourselves.

Be kind to yourself. Know that you are enough just as you are.

You are perfect and complete just as you are.

Date yourself. Romance yourself. Buy yourself some flowers, take yourself out for dinner or a movie. Book that massage or that holiday. Treat yourself.

I believe that we have more than a single Soul Mate in a lifetime. We have many Soul Mates, they are our Soul family. They could be our partner or they could be our best friends, family members, or even our pet. You may already be connected with many of your Soul family.

I also believe that Soul Mates are not necessarily for a lifetime. They may come into our lives for just a short period, to teach us a lesson for our Soul growth and then leave. This could be a matter of moments, days, weeks, months or even years. So don’t limit yourself to the idea that there is only one true Soul Mate out there for you to spend the rest of your life with. There are many possibilities and potentialities, just like Life itself. You may spend your life with one of those potential Soul Mates, and that is perfectly alright too. In fact, it is all perfect.

The key to this perfection is that we have a choice to exercise our own Freewill. Nothing is set in stone. Someone may be our Soul Mate, but we can still decide if we want to be in relationship with them or not.

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Sometimes, we can hang on to a relationship that has passed it’s use-by-date. We’ve learnt the lessons, experienced the emotions and we’ve grown and changed because of it. But for some reason or another, we stay when we know it’s really time to move on. It can take courage to step out of our comfort zone and let go of that relationship so we can move on.

The stronger your relationship is with yourself, the easier it becomes to do what is required for your highest good. Whether that’s to leave a relationship, tell someone how you feel about them, or say “yes” to that date. It becomes an act of Self-Love. The more solid you are in your own Self-Love, the more confident you become within yourself, and the more attractive you are energetically. As you open your heart to love yourself, you become more open to receiving the love of others.

People will be drawn to a certain magnetism that radiates from you. People will be attracted to your light of authenticity. They will sense it and they will want to be near it. There is nothing more attractive than someone who knows that they are worthy of their own love. To see someone who loves themselves for who they are is a magical thing. Self-Love is the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself, and to others.

Be Love and you will attract Love.

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